Sunday, December 21, 2014

merry christmas!

the week is here! my pastor was talking this morning about how much he loves christmas. he said he loves it all- lights, hot cocoa, christmas movies, christmas music...his list was hilariously long. and after each one i was like uh-huh, uh-huh, yep, uh-huh! i just love it too! every twinkling light and snowy scene pointing to the wonder of Jesus. i am filled with awe at the God who came to be with us that first christmas. his goodness abounds, his love is lavish, and his gift is immeasurable. i am excited to celebrate his son, born that man no more may die. woohoo!

Hail the heav'n-born Prince of Peace!
Hail the Son of Righteousness!
Light and life to all He brings
Ris'n with healing in His wings
Mild He lays His glory by
Born that man no more may die
Born to raise the sons of earth
Born to give them second birth
Hark! The herald angels sing
"Glory to the newborn King!"

i'm going to be taking the next two weeks off from blogging so that i can savor this time... spend quiet time with our family, rest and rejuvinate, and worship the king with this playlist on repeat

thank you again and again for being a reader of this blog. i am wishing you and yours the merriest of christmases & a joyful and triumphant new year!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

found & foraged link party no. 6

happy found & foraged saturday! i'm actually really excited to show you the blog posts that were shared with us last week that we have chosen to feature. there is so much beauty that is shared here every week, and the holiday season...falling snow, white christmas trees, sparkling making it that much more magical. i absolutely love seeing what my fellow bloggers are working on, and i love being able to share it and applaud their wonderfully creative work. i know my co-hosts, kyla of house of hipsters, and grace of the big reveal, feel the same way. so thank you again for coming this week...and let's get to it! 

F O L L O W  U S   A T

THE BIG REVEAL blog | facebook | instagram | pinterest | twitter | bloglovin

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HOUSE OF HIPSTERS blog | facebook | instagram | pinterest | twitter | bloglovin

F  E  A  T  U  R  E  S

{this whole house tour was sooo incredible, i was in awe. you must go see it; you will not be disappointed!}

L A U R A ' S  P I C K S

in addition to the ones we all loved collectively, here are some personal favorites of mine...

{see if you can spy the verse she has peeking out of her typewriter. in love!!}

{original photo credit: rach parcell of pink peonies}

{can someone please come make these for me christmas morning? that would be great, thanks.}

see what i mean about magical? thanks again to all of you & congratulations on being featured! be sure to take a minute to stop by house of hipsters and the big reveal to see what they loved this week as well. 

found & foraged will be on christmas break next weekend. we will be back on saturday, january 3, 2015 (!!!!) at 8 pm central. i'll be taking a blog vacation for the next two weeks, but in case you missed it, visit my holiday home tour!

my master bedroom from the home for the holidays blog hop

even though i'm forcing myself to take a blog break, you'd pretty much have to strap down my thumbs to get me to take a break from instagram, so i'll still be there and featuring #foundforaged as usual. show off your found & foraged home by tagging any pictures #foundforaged! it's our instagram hashtag challenge that is open to everyone and where kyla, grace, and i regram our favorites on saturdays. join in!

follow along on instagram

finally, bloggers, we're still partying this week, so show us what you're working on! use the blue button below to link up your projects. we welcome posts from any genre- home and DIY, fashion and food...we love it all. found & foraged was created to celebrate your finds – vintage pieces, curb alerts, clearance treasures, thrift store gems, and the things that you've foraged – from the yard, the basement, the in-laws garage, the garden, and to show off how you've made them a beautiful part of your home. we'll be back with features from this party after the new year. have a blessed holiday season!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

diy: flannel ribbon

this post is going to be a short and sweet two-for-one deal. one, it's a super cute and easy last-minute gift idea, and two, a super cute way to wrap it.

if you follow me on any social media channel whatsoever, you've already heard me obsessing over this blanket scarf tutorial from mom advice. that's the last-minute gift idea part. go. make. one. they are so adorable and cozy, require no sewing, and take 5 minutes. when i found these on pinterest i was like yes please!

when i made mine, i ripped instead of cut, because i am lazy like that. (you'll know what i'm talking about after you read the tutorial). when i went to clean up the pile of my "leftovers" from the project, i realized they were ribbons! lovely unique little ribbons.

aaaand i instantly had something adorable to wrap my scarf with. i used one to tie up the scarf and tucked a little seeded eucalyptus (left over from my mantle garland) into it. simple, darling, rustic and cozy. all in minutes!

for the 1% of people out there that don't want a blanket scarf (who are you and why?!) you can still make the ribbons. just buy a piece of fabric (make it as long as you want your ribbons to be; 2 yards is a good length). use scissors to start a cut along the edge, and then rip down the length of the fabric. (basically the same method i used for this backdrop). you can repeat this until your heart's content and you'll be left with a pile of ribbon. use them on some plain brown kraft paper (i buy mine at the dollar tree!) and you have a really cute package for a very small investment of time and money. a handwritten tag and a sprig of greens will top it off perfectly.

i loved this ribbon so much, i actually made one into a bow to hang on my newly-winterized office bulletin board. isn't it cute?

only one week (can you believe it?!) until christmas. i hope this helps get you motivated to finish your wrapping game strong this weekend! 

and thanks so much to mom advice for the scarves! i already told her mine will be bombing instagram posts like crazy from now on...i'm even wearing it as i write. :) #thatweirdgirlobsessedwithmyscarfpost

until next time loves!

Monday, December 15, 2014

christmas at home

this christmas, after much indecision and debate, we are staying here-- just our little family of five-- and celebrating our dear Savior's birth with a quiet christmas at home. it's hard to have our parents and siblings out of town; ryan's are the closest at a drive time of about 12 hours. we usually alternate between seeing them and my family every year, which usually means we travel. we never used to mind that a bit, but now that our kids are getting older they have their own voices and opinions about the holidays (what?! who said they could have that?!) and they begged us to stay home this year. they actually have never known a christmas in their own house-- the last time we were home was 2007-- and we want them to grow up with memories of the holidays here. unfortunately, our families aren't able to travel to join us, but at least for this year we're going to hunker down and stay put. i'll hardly know what to do with myself with a two week holiday break and no travel, but i am quite looking forward to relaxing and enjoying time with the kids.

my holiday decorating has been getting simpler and simpler each year. in fact, this year, i let the kids decorate the tree-- entirely on their own. as much as the stylist/ control freak in me wants to perfectly place every one of my thousand ornaments (only a slight exagerration, sadly), i know it's important to let them build their own traditions and participate. and it should come as no surprise that my children have their own, very strong, design aesthetics!

i didn't really know if i would post about my holiday decorating at all, but when emily from table and hearth emailed to ask if i'd participate in a holiday home tour she was pulling together with some of her favorite bloggers, i said yes immediately and was soo excited! but i also warned her my decorating could be a little underwhelming; i definitely do not go "all out" anymore like i used to. my husband, at one time in our lives together, had to rearrange all our furniture and string garlands from 100 feet of railing spanning two stories, (poor man!) but now it's much simpler, and that's better. emily was so sweet and even supportive of me not going bananas, saying "ain't nobody got time for that." ha! a girl after my own heart! so this will be more a peek at some vignettes and favorite moments around the house than a full home tour. (that'll be easier on your eyes anyway- this place has been a mess lately! oi!) i hope you enjoy these little touches that are making the house feel festive and ready for a christmas the kids will remember.

family room

i promise i didn't move a single ornament on the tree! the kids did a pretty good job didn't they? we won't zoom in on the yoda figures or bright purple ornaments i usually try to hide toward the back that are now front and center. :)

the "o come let us adore him" print from chalk full of love was the first thing i put up this year. 

my office

i did the most in here, not really on purpose but because this room is the catch all for christmas blog-projects, santa organizing, and gift-wrapping. it's a festive mess, isn't it??

kitchen table

this centerpiece lasted a long time and the eucalyptus is still going strong two weeks later. it spent time on the table, and in the hutch, and finally came to rest on the mantle.

this spot definitely feels "unfinished" but the truth is this table is filled and cleared at least five times a day (anyone else's kids eating them out of house and home?) and it just isn't worth "decorating." i also thought i'd make that branch canopy into something sparkly and spectacular, but it turns out i really love the simple bare branches and the lonely wreath. against the new white kitchen paint (yes! i completed the whole list!) it's just a perfect quiet moment that i look at every morning as i sip my coffee.

kids rooms

my sweet sweet cousin, christy, sent the kids early gifts this year that i know they will enjoy for years to come- flannel christmas sheets from pottery barn kids!! they are so cozy and darling, it totally inspired me to hang a garland above each kid's bed. my littlest one just laid in his bed (when i shot this) for about half an hour snuggling his pillow and talking to himself when i first made the bed up. it was so cute!

master bedroom

apart from the kids and the dog on my bed, sadly my room doesn't look like this too often. (i'm not going to lie to you, i had to crop out some pretty big laundry piles, and i almost never get a matching combo of sheets on the bed all at the same time). but after seeing these idyllic shots, ryan and i immediately put "make bedroom relaxing" on our 2015 list of goals. i mean, who doesn't want to jump into a bed like this at the end of the day? i'm definitely motivated to make our room more of a retreat and less of a toy/ laundry/ furniture dumping ground. hold me to it!

and that's my christmas house tour! i hope you enjoyed it, and i hope you'll stop over at emily's to see her lovely home decorated for the holidays as well. all this week she's invited the talented bloggers below to share their spaces. i'm so honored to have been chosen to participate, and i can't wait to see what they're up to! thank you again emily and thank you for reading!

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

found & foraged link party no. 5

it's saturday night and we are back to our regularly scheduled programming with found & foraged link party no. 5! thanks again to everyone to linked up last week (and came in spite of goofy days and server issues- we love you!) and for bringing your awesome projects yet again.

F O L L O W  U S   A T

THE BIG REVEAL blog | facebook | instagram | pinterest | twitter | bloglovin

AVERY STREET DESIGN blog | instagram | pinterest | twitter

HOUSE OF HIPSTERS blog | facebook | instagram | pinterest | twitter | bloglovin


we thought we'd mix it up and go rogue this week and each share our own favorites. not because there weren't overlaps- there so were- but just because we were so busy partying like it was 1925 that we didn't have tons of time to compare notes over the last few days. here are some of my favorite posts from last week:

congratulations to all and thanks again for sharing these with us! be sure to take a minute to stop by house of hipsters and the big reveal to see what they loved this week as well. 

bloggers, now it's your turn to show us what you're working on! use the blue button below to link up your projects. we welcome posts from any genre- home and DIY, fashion and food...we love it all.  found & foraged was created to celebrate your finds – vintage pieces, curb alerts, clearance treasures, thrift store gems, and the things that you've foraged – from the yard, the basement, the in-laws garage, the garden, and to show off how you've made them a beautiful part of your home.

we host this link party every saturday at 8 pm (central time). so be sure to add us to your calendar and check back weekly to party with us!

and if you don't have a blog, but would like to join in the fun and show off your found & foraged home, you can tag any pictures #foundforaged on instagram! we run an instagram hashtag challenge that is open to everyone and we will regram our favorites on saturdays. join in!

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