Saturday, December 9, 2017

Actual Pinterest Search Results

So I'm "room mom" for my son's Kindergarten class, and one of our assignments from the PTF is to have the kids decorate a Kleenex box to donate to the food pantry. (I know, at this point you're already thinking Who are you? What has happened to you in the last year?? Just...nevermind.)

Not having much expertise in the field of decorating Kleenex boxes, I naturally turned to Pinterest.

Here are ACTUAL results I was just served up on Pinterest when I searched "How to decorate a Kleenex box":

Um...what is happening.

Let me guess...The Eye of Sauron gives it to you?

If you really DIY'd that, you win the internet.

Yeah no, I totally heard snowmen are trending in a very specific subculture right now.

For those of you who already think cats are evil, well, your point may have just been proven. (Also, an accidental click through will reveal that this company is specifically advertising this as a "Toilet Sticker," meaning this image isn't even a parting shot from some disgruntled marketing intern as I originally thought it must be...)

No no nooooo no no no. I can't unsee this!

The best part is that Wayfair actually *promoted* this.

I'm pretty sure we already know your answer, sir.

So what you're saying is, "Anyone who thinks they should decorate a Kleenex box should just go ahead and set it on fire."

The only problem I see here is a possible sanitation issue with the ears. Otherwise I think it's a great idea.

Are all the documentaries about how to decorate Kleenex boxes?

Stag sculpture. Nailed it.

How did they get the Kleenex on top of that lamp to stand up in such perfect folds?

Because we all have that awkward corner in our house that we're not sure how to fill.

Sire, thou hast decorated the finest Kleenex box in all of the land. We honor thee with this enormous pen.

So...which one should I go with to impress the PTF? Naked wilderness guy? Yep, totally going with naked wilderness guy. Thank you Pinterest!

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