Friday, November 14, 2014

instagram challenge // #foundforaged

yesterday i gave you a little background about the link party i'll be starting on saturday. well, there's a second half to the project, and i have to admit i'm super geeked out about it. i'm using all my restraint not to bomb this post with capital letters and exclamation points. !!! (it couldn't be helped).

you guys already know that i'm a huge instagram fan so i'm really excited to announce that kyla and grace and i have created a brand new baby hashtag to go along with our found & foraged project!

like any proud new mama, i am all about this thing. i'm telling anyone who will listen about it, and showing off pictures like crazy. (that actually sounds more like a grandma now that i say it out moms don't really have that kind of time or mental capacity....) in any case, i'm all full of misty fondness and love for our little guy, #foundforaged.

and i hope that you will be too! the fun part is, you totally don't have to be part of the link party to use it. you don't have to be a blogger, or have any specific project to dedicate to it. all you have to have is a camera phone. (and instagram...i mean, that would be helpful). tag #foundforaged on any pretty picture of your projects, homes, or finds that you want, and show us what found & foraged design looks like to you!

we'll be regramming favorites (always with credit!) starting now until....forever. and please, tell your friends. i'm already so ridiculously inspired by what has been tagged so far...look at how beautiful these are!!

photo @allieseidel // styling @erikatobiason

dude! they. are. so. gorgeous!!! {commence freak out....and, scene.}

in the last few weeks, i've started to compile a list of my favorite hashtag challenges that i love to participate in. {update: see it here!} it struck me as i was writing it that, like link party hosts, these instagrammers who host them are so generous! they are promoters and cheerleaders and when they've reposted my photos it seriously makes my day. i really want to do that. instagram is a very dear community to me, and i want to do all i can to keep connecting art and design to the people who love it, and those people to each other.

so get tagging! i sooo can't wait to see your #foundforaged!


  1. I love the idea of every room telling a story. I have lived that in my life, but we called it early attic! I think your flock is inspired.

  2. I'm dying over how beautiful those photos are... gotta step it up! =) Can't wait to follow along!

    1. yay!! can't wait to see your #foundforaged ashley!!

  3. Hey, proud Mama! Can't wait to see all that the #foundforaged community shares!

  4. I'm sooooooo jazzed about this project! It's going to be so amazing to watch our baby hashtag grow!


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