Saturday, December 13, 2014

speakeasy new year's eve // 20's style

we made it! it's the sixth and final day of the week-long series of party posts i'm bringing you with my friends kyla of house of hipsters and grace of the big reveal.

i like to think of today's post as icing on the cake. grace is showing you how to DIY some fancy flapper-style headbands that can serve your guests as photo props or costumes, and that will surely add to the charm of your speakeasy-themed new year's eve bash.

these little beauties are a little bit of luxe and a little touch of glam for all those party photos you will not neglect to capture.

head over to the big reveal for the easy how-to and some more gorgeous pictures of grace...she is captivating! if only she could show me how to DIY all those perfect red locks of hair!

thank you so much for hanging out this week and coming to "the wildwood speakeasy." if you end up using any of this party kit, remember to share it with us! we'd sooo love to see your pictures. email, tweet, or tag us on instagram and use the hashtag #wildwoodspeakeasy! (c'mon dee, you know the driveway gang needs to throw this party!) you can get caught up below in case you missed anything.

i'll be back tonight with our regularly scheduled found & foraged party (and i'm going to be regramming photos throughout today on instagram from the #foundforaged feed! tag your pics!) and then-- woohoo-- sunday will be a much needed day of rest.

on monday i'm really excited to get back in the christmas spirit around here and show you some peeks at the holiday decorating at my house.

happy weekend friends!


  1. I love this idea! So much wonderful creative ideas. Have a gorgeous weekend

  2. Oh my goodness, someone just called me captivating and I didn't even have to pay them! Laura, you are too sweet. I had so much fun (I know I keep saying that, but I really, really did!) hosting this party dream with you and Kyla. It was a wickedly exhausting week, but so worth it!


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