Tuesday, December 9, 2014

speakeasy new year's eve // poor liza cocktail

hello and welcome back! it's day two of our new-years-eve-in-a-week-party-kit, and i'm so glad you're here.

today, my dear kyla from house of hipsters is bringing you one of her favorite cocktail recipes: the poor liza. i'm not really much of a drinker, and especially not of fancy drinks, so i'm not very familiar with what's good and what's not in this genre. but kyla swears this is one of the best drinks of all time.  it's a favorite of hers from the violet hour, an actual real-life speakeasy (seriously, the door is entirely hidden) in chicago where i got to go for kyla's birthday party a couple months ago.

{this place inspired our entire mood board & party theme}

even for us not-too-frequent-drinkers, it's pretty hard to have a speakeasy themed party without a lovely signature cocktail or two, ya know? so i do want to provide a quick tip for the crowd who wishes prohibition never ended: grab some fancy glasses and some trader joe's sparkling pink lemonade, and you'll have all the glam without the dizzy.

now head on over to kyla's for her signature poor liza recipe, and for some seriously styled cocktail eye candy!

and if you haven't been following along with this week yet, you can catch up below. i'll see you tomorrow for the next installment brought to you by grace of the big reveal!


  1. Seeing this party all come together is so cool!

  2. Isn't that the prettiest little cocktail you ever did see? I love it big time! Can't wait to get the #designamigos together in SLC in January!


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