Monday, December 8, 2014

speakeasy new year's eve // vintage inspired florals

i believe that flowers set the tone of a party, and therefore i almost always start with them when planning a scheme. when i set out to create a floral centerpiece for the luxe speakeasy new year's eve party kit i'm putting together with the house of hipsters and the big reveal, i wanted it to be free-flowing, feminine, and a little bit wild, just like the guests at a fashionable 20's speakeasy would have been. it needed to feel old-fashioned with a rustic twist. it dawned on me that i need look no further than this stunning centerpiece by jocelyne y., who tagged it in our #foundforaged instagram challenge. here is how i set out to recreate something similar. 


family size soup can
small handful of rocks (not pictured)
garden shears
blush roses
silver dollar eucalyptus
seeded eucalyptus


1. remove the soup can label (goo gone works wonders if it's not cooperating) and fill the bottom with a handful of small rocks. because the arrangement is asymmetrical, this will help make sure it doesn't fall over!

2. begin with long stems of the seeded eucalyptus. place them one at a time in the can leaning against the right side so that they drape and droop. all the better if you can find stems that will fall against the table surface. i actually pushed them down ever so gently to make them bend a little lower.

3. add in the silver dollar eucalyptus and do the same thing. use the stems that are the skinniest and longest for the best effect.

4. next you'll be adding a small cluster of blush roses (of course ranunculus or other lush blooms would be wonderful too- i simply wanted to use flowers that would be available to anyone and easy to find. good ol' roses are the only ones i can always count on to be at the grocery store. everything i bought for this was from trader joe's). cut one rose to the length you'd like it to be in your arrangement and test it out.

5. when the length suits, then use that rose as a guide. build a tight bouquet in your fist and once it is assembled (kind of like a mini bridal bouquet), cut all the stems to the same length as your first one.

{pause here to pay attention to the small human about to steal your garden shears and save his life.}

6. place your rose bouquet in the left side of the soup can.

7. lastly, cut some shorter stems of seeded eucalyptus and tuck them in among the roses.

and that's it! enjoy your beautiful arrangement. the greens keep for quite a long time, and i think this will be even more lovely when the roses open more, so you can certainly do it a few days ahead of your party. (oh and if i could rewind time, wouldn't that soup can have looked awesome spray-painted copper??)

with these vintage-inspired flowers to set the mood at your party, you'll be well on your way to an elegant, and a little bit wild, new year's eve. 

our party continues tomorrow with a signature cocktail from kyla. you can catch up on our complete new year's eve bash below, and check back each day to see what will be added next! 


  1. This is so lovely! The shape and color of the eucalyptus is just gorgeous. I'm pinning this to my wedding inspiration board!

    1. thank you so much anna!! so sweet of you to pin!!

  2. This is so beautiful! I love simple floral arrangements and this is getting pinned... rightnow.

    1. thank you so much colleen!! thank you for pinning- the best compliment!

  3. Man, where was seeded eucalyptus when I was planning my wedding?!? Dangit! Definitely featuring this beauty at On Display Thursday tomorrow :)


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