Thursday, December 18, 2014

diy: flannel ribbon

this post is going to be a short and sweet two-for-one deal. one, it's a super cute and easy last-minute gift idea, and two, a super cute way to wrap it.

if you follow me on any social media channel whatsoever, you've already heard me obsessing over this blanket scarf tutorial from mom advice. that's the last-minute gift idea part. go. make. one. they are so adorable and cozy, require no sewing, and take 5 minutes. when i found these on pinterest i was like yes please!

when i made mine, i ripped instead of cut, because i am lazy like that. (you'll know what i'm talking about after you read the tutorial). when i went to clean up the pile of my "leftovers" from the project, i realized they were ribbons! lovely unique little ribbons.

aaaand i instantly had something adorable to wrap my scarf with. i used one to tie up the scarf and tucked a little seeded eucalyptus (left over from my mantle garland) into it. simple, darling, rustic and cozy. all in minutes!

for the 1% of people out there that don't want a blanket scarf (who are you and why?!) you can still make the ribbons. just buy a piece of fabric (make it as long as you want your ribbons to be; 2 yards is a good length). use scissors to start a cut along the edge, and then rip down the length of the fabric. (basically the same method i used for this backdrop). you can repeat this until your heart's content and you'll be left with a pile of ribbon. use them on some plain brown kraft paper (i buy mine at the dollar tree!) and you have a really cute package for a very small investment of time and money. a handwritten tag and a sprig of greens will top it off perfectly.

i loved this ribbon so much, i actually made one into a bow to hang on my newly-winterized office bulletin board. isn't it cute?

only one week (can you believe it?!) until christmas. i hope this helps get you motivated to finish your wrapping game strong this weekend! 

and thanks so much to mom advice for the scarves! i already told her mine will be bombing instagram posts like crazy from now on...i'm even wearing it as i write. :) #thatweirdgirlobsessedwithmyscarfpost

until next time loves!


  1. So cute! I LOVE plaid in the winter and around Christmas.

  2. I've been lagging on my wrapping game because I just haven't felt inspired. Thanks for changing that! I LOVE the idea of repurposing a couple of ratty old flannels I have lying around into pretty packaging. So festive!


  3. Love this package! So pretty. Definitely going to use this idea!

    1. thanks grace! you'll be sick to death of christmas wrap by the time this season is over, HA! but i'm glad you've been knee-deep in it for our sakes, because the ideas on twin cities live that you shared were SO good!!

  4. I love how the plaid adds a rustic touch but the eucalyptus keeps it modern. So pretty!

  5. This is sooo cute! Love it!I think I need to hand off my wizard name to you today =)

  6. So adorable! Love your idea, It's so creative and Thanks for tutorial. I can make the flannel ribbon right in the first time.


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