Friday, August 29, 2014

lakeside remix: pretty little bedroom

hi sweet friends. it's the fifth and final day of our cabin remake series and we're welcoming back grace from the big reveal blog to close it out in style. she's put together a rejuvinating retreat of a bedroom where at the end of your stressful vacation days filled with lounging, sitting, people watching, porch dwelling, and BLT eating you can unwind and...relax some more. enjoy!

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When Laura first asked me to make over a bedroom in her dream lake house, I was so excited. Who wouldn’t want to make over a space where there is an unlimited budget and absolutely no consequences to your actions? No husbands to have difficult conversations with when you’ve spent way too much dinero and no frustrations of having to DIY things like hanging patterned wallpaper all by your lonesome. Little did I know it would be so hard for me to work outside of my normal box.

Take a look at what I’m starting with…

Suddenly without any parameters and in need of a complete and utter overhaul, I couldn’t think of what on earth I wanted to do. With no single problem to solve, like tying together a bunch of mismatched hand me downs with zero dollars, a roll of duct tape, and a stick of gum like a modern day home decor MacGuyver, I felt a little lost. So, I did what any rational person in this situation would do…I turned to Pinterest.

One of my all time favorite cabin chic bedroom pins is this one from Sarah Sherman Samuel:

Seriously? This bedroom is perfection! I love the bold graphic wallpaper, the light and bright feel and those little bunk beds are to. die. for. My first response was, uh, just do all of that… But, since Laura wanted me to flex a little of my own design muscle, I thought I should snag my favorite elements and give them a new spin.

I decided to start with a bold, graphic wallpaper to ground the wall behind the bed. This Garden paper from Hygge & West seemed to fit the bill. Because in my alternate reality, this lake house would be a place I would visit, but not live in, I felt like taking a few risks. The rest of the room would be painted out in a white to balance the space and also to keep the wallpaper from become an overwhelming statement. One accent wall keeps the space nice and light, but also cheerful and fresh. Any more would feel like Holy Wallpaper, Batman! and that would be no bueno.

Continuing the white theme, I selected a simple Pintuck duvet from West Elm. You can’t go wrong with white bedding in any space. It is a cinch to clean and makes a room remix easy peasy. I could have stuck with the all white theme and kept the room super white, but I just couldn’t help myself from layering on two gold, ochre pillows and a fun blue and white patterned pillow with ochre tassels.

If you’ve haven’t checked out Furbish Studio’s Instagram feed and you want to get pattern mixing delusions of grandeur like me, I suggest you hop on over and get schooled in the art of crazy pattern combos. I may be a little loco, but I think it is over the top in a fun, unexpected way.

Next to my whitewashed yet pillow poppin’ bed, I have two of these Penelope nightstands from West Elm. I decided to mix it up and replace the pull with these rope pulls from Furbish Studios. I love the introduction of the natural rope texture and the pop of gold and green.

Because Kyla puts together amazing nightstand vignettes that even make the Emily Henderson take notice, I felt compelled to bring my nightstand styling A game. I grabbed this stack of pretty design books from my own house & added these ah-mazing gold double Edison bulbed sconces. I would probably prop a piece of simple artwork, like a little black and white calligraphy in a white frame against my fabulous wallpaper. 

I would have my instapal Athena Pelton make me something cheeky like “Everyday I’m hustlin’” or maybe “This is my happy place”, because in this scenario I have my very own lake house or at least one that Laura lets me come to and sometimes overstay my welcome at, so happy place it is. And, IMHO calligraphy should always be combined with a little sass. It just makes me happy.

In one corner of the room, I popped this beautiful leather butterfly chair. With all the sass and pizzazz flying around the room, it is another grounding element. And, frankly, in my world you always need a chair in the bedroom to throw your clothes on when you are too lazy to hang them up. And let’s face it, this is a lake house…I’m on vacation time.

I also added a sheepskin from Ikea. If you have ever purchased one of these, faux or real, you know they can be used in a myriad of ways. It may end up on the floor as a throw rug or draped in a chair like a cushion, maybe even one on either side of the bed to keep your toes cozy before they hit the hardwood floors. It really could end up just about anywhere (and if you have children, probably somewhere you don’t want them to be, like being used as a sled to go down the basement stairs…just a hypothetical, of course…) But, they are so ridiculously cheap and versatile, it would be criminal not to include one.

On the wall opposite the bed, I would also include a tall dresser for when I feel like putting away my clothes, like this swoon worthy mid century design from West Elm with its wood legs and handles to keep things nice and natural. Above it, I would hang this Ocean View print from Sebatian Weiss. I love that it brings in the water theme, but isn’t literal. And, lucky me, it brings in a spot of blue to tie in my crazy blue patterned pillow on the bed.

Finally, on one of the crisp white walls, I’ve added this completely rad round shelf from the Ferm Living Shop. I thought it would be fun to add a few fixed elements, like the white urchins from Furbish Studios, but also to use the shelves to display objects found while out exploring around the lake and the little town: a feather, a round smooth stone, maybe a black and white postcard.

For me, that is what this lake house would be all about: Collected adventures, stories to tell, laughter, family, and friendships. Thanks for letting me be a part of it, Laura!

Till next time,


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grrrr! this was one of the most fun, and frustrating, weeks i've had in blog-world-- frustrating of course because i can't move in right now! (if you missed it, start here on the porch, then come on in to the family & dining rooms, have a bite in the kitchen, and peek into the cutest little water closet you ever did see.)

i had to laugh when i looked back on this post and saw the comments from a few months ago. i was saying to kyla and grace that we needed to go in on a cabin together and overhaul it as a creative retreat. well, it might not have happened in real life, but at least we got to muse. {"BTdubs," as kyla would say, if some wealthy benefactor wants to make this dream a reality, you know, feel free to send a check}. hahaha.

in all seriousness, there's no way any of us (or anyone i know) is going to drop the kind of virtual money we spent this week on a whole-house rehaul of this magnitude. that's why we are bloggers- we go to every length to bring this kind of high-end style down out of the rafters and into our (and your) real houses. in fact, i've been inspired by a few of the ultra-splurges in our dream cabin, and i'm going to bring you some that are actually attainable in the coming weeks. but for this week, it was fun to pause reality and dream a little. thanks for joining us and i hope you had a good time. and a mega-shark-sized thank you to my guest designers, kyla, grace, and summer. you darlings rock!


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nightstands- 'penelope' by west elm
rope pulls- furbish studio
double sconce- 'branch' by cedar and moss
butterfly chair- urban outfitters
sheepskin- ikea
tree stump side table- west elm
dresser- west elm
ocean view print- sebastian weiss
round shelf- ferm living
white urchins- furbish studio

Thursday, August 28, 2014

lakeside remix: cabin bathroom

hi my friends! today we welcome the beautiful summer hogan of simple stylings blog, who is going to rock the lakeside cabin bathroom in our virtual showhouse tour. i absolutely love her inspiration room and picks for the room.

one cool thing about summer is that she claims she's not creative (the jury is still out), but her projects always end up beautiful anyway. she's able to make good design approachable, attainable and 'simple' for everyone, and she is showing you her secret formula in today's space.

and this is a space that needs a LOT of help. just look at this tiny and sad bathroom!

shudder! summer, we need you to remix this room asap!

/// ///

Hello Avery Street Design readers! I'm Summer from Simple Stylings and I'm so happy to be here with you guys to share my contribution to the lake cabin virtual makeover.

Not too long ago I 'met' Laura on Instagram and immediately knew we had a design connection and it turns out she is as sweet as her IG feed. Wouldn't y'all agree!

Laura recently came across pictures of a lake cabin in Ohio that she vacationed at every year as a kid. Nostalgia kicked in and like most of us design freaks she instantly started updating the cabin in her head. That's when she had the idea of having a team of bloggers put together design inspirations for each room in the cabin. You can actually view the pictures of the cabin here.

When she asked me to participate in this unique post idea I was honored but also a little taken aback. I've never written a post quite like this so I wasn't sure how it would unfold. But I'm always up for a good challenge so I couldn't wait to get started!

I chose to take on the bathroom in the home because I love decorating bathrooms but rarely get a chance to create a design board for one. I searched the web and Pinterest as I always do and came across this image and knew it would be my inspiration. I wanted to stay true to my coastal roots but I also wanted the room to have a rustic feel that would fit right in the lake cabin.

{design by kim winkler via traditional home}

I love the crisp white subway tile against the navy walls. The rustic vanity and galvanized metal add the perfect touches.

This is my vision for the lake cabin bathroom:

It's a little bit rustic, a little bit vintage. Cozy yet polished.

What do you think? Can you picture this bathroom in a cabin on a lake in the woods? Sign me up!

You can find the sources or similar sources by clicking on the links below.

I'd love for you guys to head over to the blog sometime and check out a few of my projects. This is my nautical inspired bathroom and deck.

Thanks again for having me Laura and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week!

*contains affiliate links

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thank you so much summer! this bathroom is going in my inspiration folder for my powder room immediately. i've been swayed away from the ornate mirrors lately and i love the simple round one you've got going on here. 

well, one day and one room left. come back tomorrow when grace returns with a beautiful bedroom makeover!

{and in case you missed them, be sure to catch up on the front porch, family & dining room, and kitchen we've redone so far!}

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

lakeside remix: kitchen

good morning and welcome to day three of our cabin re-design!

today grace is here, and she is remaking a tiny kitchen into a breezy, beautiful, welcoming jewel-box of a space. i try to maintain some degree of professionalism on this blog, so i've edited out all the capital letters, exclamation points, and freak-out noises that this kitchen incited in me when i first started writing about it. but seriously, i love it sooo much and can't wait for you to see it.

but first, let me introduce my guest. grace is the brilliant mind behind the big reveal blog, a decor and DIY space (mainly) where she talks about the things she's got going on at home and in life. (my facebook friends will recognize her as the author of the over-the-top-hilarious disney world post that i was gushing about recently). grace comes at blogging with a genuine and honest openness and a hysterical wit that makes you feel like her friend after reading only one post. not only is she one of the best writers i know, but she has some serious design skillz as well.

ready to see her kitchen??

{full sources- and you're going to want them- are at the end of the post}

/// ///

When Laura sent the link to the lakeside cabin, I was instantly drawn to the kitchen. It gave me flashbacks to my childhood and spending time at my grandparents’ shore side lake house on Smith Mountain Lake back in Virginia. I remember that lake house with the retroactive amnesia-induced fondness of many childhood memories: Making homemade peach ice cream with my Mom (conveniently forgetting the million hours it took to hand crank), baking in the sun with my cousins out of on the dock (what sunburns?), being super cool in front of my older brother’s friends (what? I was cool…in my mind.) Driving those 45 minutes to the lake house each weekend was always filled with such anticipation and childlike excitement (and, occasional motion-induced nausea...)

When I saw the kitchen in Laura’s imaginary cabin, my brain exploded with ideas and I enthusiastically jumped in with both feet. While it would be amazing to open up the space to the living areas, I decided to simply update the space I had.

While I am all about salvaging what I can, I feel like this space could use a complete and utter gut job. For the do over, I wanted the space to be light and bright, sophisticated, but approachable. I used this kitchen as a jumping off point:

I would replace the upper cabinets with white upper cabinets on one side and open shelving on the other. The bottom cabinets would be painted a rich, but lively blue. I fell in love with the aptly named Bosporus blue from the West Elm paint collection for Sherwin Williams. I am an absolute sucker for an all white kitchen, but the pop of blue makes the kitchen feel alive. I finished off the cabinets with stunning modern gold drawer pulls.

Keeping the same layout, I would add a white farmhouse sink, a small Wolf gas range, and new fridge. I die for these Cambria Torquay countertops. In fact, I kind of have my heart set on them for my own home if the budget fairy ever lays a giant cash egg on my doorstep (do fairies lay eggs?) The countertops have the look of a Carrera marble, but are super family and budget friendly. Above the sink, the round, milky glass pendant from West Elm gives a nod to the classic feel, but still feels a bit mid century modern.

In front of the window, I would add this beautiful white tulip based table and two clear LexMod Slither dining chairs. I didn’t want to overwhelm the space with seating, since the cabin features a well-decorated adjacent dining room, but did want to have just enough eat-in space to grab a quick bite or to chat while the chef du jour makes my bacon (What? I can’t have a chef?) Above the table hangs this cagey gold diamond pendant that keeps the space from feeling too traditional.

When I think about how the space will be used, I imagined sneaking down in the first morning light and sipping a cup of coffee by the window before the rest of the house wakes, making big breakfasts for the gaggle of kids that would spill into Kyla’s gorgeous dining room, and later having a glass of wine with the girls while we cook dinner. I wanted the space to have a balance of serenity and the straight up joy of family.

Because the space is so classic, the accessories really make it sing. I essentially went on an Anthropologie binge, because I always heart their kitchen collections. There was no question that the Stripes Abound apron would end up in the mix. Ever since I incorporated it into a silent auction basket for my daughter’s school, I have been obsessed with having one. Is it practical? Probably not. Do I heart it? Absolutely yes.

I also liked the idea of balancing all the white with some wood elements. From the bamboo knife block to the wooden spoons perched in a white canister, wood just grounds the space. A little terrarium for the table could be filled with succulents (obviously, this would not be a blogger kitchen without them), but also bits of wood or rocks found by the kids. I love the painted sea fan included in this one. While this cabin isn’t next to the sea, I like the subtle nod to the water.

To infuse the kitchen with a little more color, I like these cute salt and pepper vessels to leave out on the counter, along with the modern geometric dishtowels, abstract napkins and straight-outta-your-grandma’s kitchen washcloths. The little bits of yellow feel sunshiney and fresh.

If I could add but one bit of luxury, I would build this coffeemaker into the wall:

My sister has a similar model in her home and nothing is better than being able to have on-demand coffee. If Laura’s lake house is anything like my grandparents’, people filter in throughout the morning and afternoon on their own schedule and could easily customize their coffee from straight up to venti mochafrappalattelicious at the touch of a button. Bonus points for having no coffee pot to clean up at the end of a long sun-filled lake day!

For me, what absolutely makes the space is taking down these wee little half walls that stick up at the end of the counter to reveal a gorgeous gallery space:

I am a big fan of Michelle Armas and used her large print to start this fun and diverse collection. I pulled the other prints from Minted, which has such unique, but affordable designs.

I love the hat wearing surfer, the geometric hexagons, and the abstract yellow Meadowlark. The colors look so beautiful together and the prints are perfectly complementary without being too matchy matchy or competing. To provide a bit of balance for the wall, so it isn’t too airy, I added two black-based prints.

First, the Landing black birds which the artist took at sunset in San Fransisco. I imagined these birds flying over the lake while we sit on the dock dipping our toes into the water. My favorite, though, is the Free To Be black stallion print. Since this cabin reminds me so much of my tales of youth, the wild, running horse brought back memories of reading Misty of Chincoteague all tucked into bed (with my mom adding her own southern drawl to the character’s voices.) Happiness is that moment right there…

The kitchen in many homes is the center, the hub that draws the family together and I imagine this kitchen will, too. While it is a small space, it is rich and luxurious, yet simple and approachable which is the perfect combination for those fun family weekends at this cabin retreat.

Till Friday,

/// ///

i was so excited to get to the kitchen, and though i love it ALL, my favorite part has to be that gallery of artwork. i would happily throw every one of those in my house today and call it good. i love how they evoke the water-side spirit of the cabin without being too literal, and are modern without being at all stark or harsh.

bravo, grace! and thank you so very much. i just absolutely love everything about this.

grace will be back on friday to close things out with a dreamy bedroom, and in the meantime you can visit her at the big reveal. you'll love getting to know her as much as i have. tell her i sent you and hi!

stay tuned for tomorrow when my friend summer will be putting her touch on the cabin's bathroom. it's going from very sad to completely fabulous.

{did you miss a day? catch up here and here!}


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tulip table- lex mod via amazon
slither dining chairs- lex mod via amazon
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apron- 'stripes abound' by anthropologie
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wooden spoons- anthropologie
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large print (top left)- michelle armas
horse print- 'free to be' by leslie le coq via minted
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yellow abstract- 'meadowlark series 2' by stacy kron via minted
geometric- 'hexagon cluster' by yao cheng via minted

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

lakeside remix: family & dining room

welcome back, loves, to my series for the week: remixing (ok, completely re-doing) the decor of an old childhood vacation spot, a darling but outdated lake cabin.  i have teamed up with some very talented designers and bloggers to create a virtual showhouse tour, showing off what we would do with the cabin if it were ours.

i kicked things off yesterday with a redesign of the front porch. today, my guest designer is kyla from house of hipsters. i'm so excited to have her on the blog. her talent for sourcing unique and eclectic (and awesome) pieces is unparalleled. seriously, if i could pick a personal shopper for my home, she would be it.

kyla will be tackling the family room and dining space, which are open to each other on the main floor.

below is a shot of the family room. those double doors lead into the house from the front porch, so this is the first room (and really the only main living space) of the cabin. so, you know, no pressure.

and here is the adjacent dining room:

we need a little help here right? without further ado, here is kyla to knock this one out of the park! {oh, and complete sources are at the end of the post.}

/// ///

hi guys! my name is kyla, and i have a little space on the internets called house of hipsters. i’m a graphic designer by day with a passion for interior design, fashion, photography and photobooths. i absolutely love thirfting, and if i could spend every weekend digging through estates sales and flea markets, i totally would. i’m super excited to be a guest blogger on this super cute cabin makeover, and i can’t wait to see what grace and summer have in store for us.

i picked the dining room and living room since both spaces flowed together. what i was given to work with was…hmmm…not exactly a glamour house, but just wait…we are gonna work some magic.

first things first, paint that wood paneling white...paint the ceilings white...everything is going white folks...even that brick on the fireplace. the space is small and the white is going to make it appear larger...brighter. next, let's do away with the carpet and hope those original wood floors laura's been raving about are still there. i want them a bit distressed…weathered…beachy!

i’m a big fan of mid-century modern...that's no secret. normally i choose distinctive vintage pieces but for this post, i really wanted to make these rooms shopable. this meant i had to dig waaaaay deep into my bag of tricks for places that were reasonable, affordable and unique…challenge accepted. ya, it would be super easy to say, oh just go to room and board and spend five large on a dining room table...but let's not do this; let’s TRY to keep budget top-of-mind (berg, i sound like the big i’m married to). now, i say this, but also feel every room needs to have a couple (few) splurge pieces...something that makes your guests go wow and makes you smile every time you walk into that room. something REALLY special.

since this is a getaway place i’m assuming the homeowner (me, obvs because i so am moving in, right?) will have guests. i tried to keep extra seating in mind by adding extra chairs, a bench and ottoman so no one has to sit on the floor. i wanted this space to be soft, cozy and inviting yet sophisticated.
let's start in the living room...a sofa is never cheap but i found this one at gus modern…word to the wise, they usually have an annual sale late summer that will save you around 20%. the dark charcoal color of this one will help hide the stains. flank either side of the sofa with these simple side tables. i love them because you can easily move them about a room and they also are big enough for a laptop and double as a small workspace.

let's talk lighting. since we are not going to install pot lights in the ceiling because let's not get crazy here and rewire the place, i opted for a high arched floor lamp to give some overhead lighting. put it on a dimmer to make the room cozier in the evenings. and then there is that beautiful caravan pacific lamp. the lamp that i love with all my being. i'm seriously obsessed.

to soften that wood floor, let's lay down a pretty vintage persian…i couldn't afford it in my own foyer, but in my dream lake house, apparently i can...LOL. you could always opt for jute or sisal here if the persian price was out of control or you wanted something more neutral, and the jute would bring in the color of sand along with some texture. the chair is from joybird furniture and brings in that soft turquoise water color. 

i did choose a vintage franco albini rattan ottoman…i couldn't help myself; it brings in the sand color. do a search on google and you can usually find them for a couple hundred dollars…$300 tops…seriously, don't pay more. they bring a bit of added texture to the room and if you weigh under 170 lbs-ish, you can usually sit on one without crushing it. i know i said no vintage...but i fibbed just a bit...this piece is still shopable and obtainable, you just have to have patience and hunt a bit…google is your friend. 

now, i’m not a fan of sailboats, anchors, fish and seashells in my decor. yes, you live on the water, but let's leave the seashells on the beach, shall we? so how do you successfully achieve beach-chic and keep long john silver far from your harbor? think fresh. incorporate beach-themed elements in a non-traditional way. i'm steering clear of anything nautical and incorporating beachy colors by choosing soft pops of turquoise and adding in some bleached tortoise shells with beach-chic artwork on the walls.
did you see that old tv in the corner, ya, let's get rid of it and hang a flat screen over the mantle. don’t you crinkle your nose at me! stop it right now! i know, i hate the tv over the mantle, and i know you are on vacation (go play some euchre and unplug) but let's keep it real, most everyone will want to keep their tv.

if you chose to stay tv free, take the max wanger splash photo, frame it in white and place it over the mantle…add a nice collage of artwork and unexpected items over the sofa instead. speaking of the mantle, let's remove the dark wood and replace it with a pretty chunk of reclaimed barn wood, shall we? mmmmm, yes ma'am, now we’re cookin’! 

okay, this is where i start to dip my toe in taboo waters. go to your beach (no, no shells, i mean it) and pick up a couple bowls full of beige rocks…try to get them all in the same light beige color. now take the glass vessel from target and carefully pour the rocks in about 4" - 5" deep. Stick those pretty vintage arrows in there and place on the mantle with the gold urchins from dwell. boom.

ready for the dining room?
the table is from hd buttercup and has sort of a distressed vintage look to it. i found these eames knock off dining room chairs at overstock as a two-fer! $148.99!!!!!!! yeah buddy! i'm going to say get six of these, you will thank me for it. i'm going to top it with this oversized vessel from pottery barn with 1 large split philodendron leaf which i found at jo-ann's fabric…it’s silk so it will be there for every visit and never wilt.

want to talk about lighting again? how about that 7-light chandelier? i love the patina on the brass and i think this piece has a nice vintage industrial design. it will also highlight the brass pulls on the bookcase:

can we just take a moment…a short pause to revel in the beauty of that bookcase? i love that punch in the face of orange. you probably noticed a few small pops in the living room, but shazam, check you out you pretty little bookcase you with your fancy brass pulls. i think i kind of love you! seriously, might be my favorite thing out of everything in the two rooms. so remember when i was saying let's spend some money on one or two pieces to really add some zing to your space. well my friend, this is where i dropped some coin. i'm sorry, i couldn't help myself (whaaaaat? it works with my husband). this puppy also adds some height to the room bringing your eye up and keeping a flow in the space. flank either side with a beautiful brass sconce from schoolhouse electric and an eames molded plywood lounge chair…okay, so you are shaking your head saying lady, there is no way i can afford those chairs! are you crazy?!?!? well, ok, i'm always open to having options, so you can always try these instead.

i wanted items on this bookcase to still pop, even with all that orange, so i chose white vessels from west elm along these waterscape vases. the salt-blasted glass has the look and feel of sea glass.

for a touch of whimsy, write a note, roll it up and pop it in (you could leave extra vintage paper near it for guests to write about their adventures as well). i think a bunch grouped together in different shades or a few of the smaller vessels sitting by the white vases would look fantastic.
i have a huge blank wall that looks to have a closet. i don't want to take anything away from my magnificent bookcase, so i'm adding in a piece of oversized artwork. now i picked this piece by stephanie vovas, but you could really do anything you want here…even a family photo will work, but in that case, i’d stick to black and white. i'm just looking for something oversized. you do not need another piece of furniture on that side of the room.

i'm envisioning a bench to to be nestled in-between the two windows. this bad boy is from the same source as the bookcase — a tiny store in los angeles named empiric studio…and yes, they deliver…i know this as a fact. i do not shop there often because it is more pricey, but when i want a real substantial piece that is ridiculously beautiful, i go to empiric. this bench is perfection with it's turquoise leather cushion. i topped it with a couple batik and vintage kilim pillows from amber interiors…again, you will see the pop of orange. as an added bonus, you now have more seating if you need it. hang the faux gazelle horns above and you have yourself a nice little vignette.

on the shorter side wall, i'm going to add in the pleated mirror from west elm and bring in some beach-chic with the bleached turtle shells from jayson home and garden (another favorite store of mine).

so, that folks, is my living room and dining room, but before i go, i have a funny (quick) story about laura and me. we met as neighbors a long, long time ago. see, one day she and her husband came home to my boyfriend and i grilling in the driveway…because that is what you do when you live in a townhome and have no backyard. we had talked in the past, but just the general hellos and goodbyes that you give to neighbors you like (the ones you don’t like, you just wave and run away). well, this day was different, this was the day my husband proposed to me and poor laura was the first person i told…THE VERY FIRST PERSON! i was in full on freak out mode. she was so nice and listened to me rant and rave for like 30 mins.

so thank you laura for being so nice to me that day and thank you so much for inviting me over to avery street to be part of this special project so near to your heart.

/// ///

{bahahaha kyla, i remember well our driveway parties, and you can freak out on me anytime! i know i reached very frenzied levels of nerdery over your wedding plans that followed too. thank YOU for joining me in this project and for sharing your insanely talented brain!}

seriously ya'll, when kyla first sent me these graphics, my mouth fell open. i want to go to there!! when can we move in?!

for more weekly inspiration and amazing finds (and to drool over what she's got going on in her own house), be sure to visit my friend at house of hipsters and stay awhile.

in case you missed it, visit the porch that leads in to today's lovely space (not that i'm biased but it's like totally awesome)...and stay tuned for tomorrow when my girl grace will be sharing her ideas for a fabulous new kitchen!


/// ///

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4 // alberta table lamp- caravan pacific
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6 // carved wood coffee table- west elm
7 // tuile orange pillow set- zinc door
8 // multi-beaded pillow- zinc door
9 // gold urchins- dwell studio
10 // persian rug- esale rugs
11 // hughes chair- joybird furniture
12 // franco albini rattan ottoman- vintage {try etsy!}
13 // birch logs- crate & barrel
14 // beach couple by t.s. harris print- one kings lane
15 // tom kelly beach 1965 print- one kings lane
16 // vase- target threshold
17 // vintage arrows- lackluster co. 
18 // double heart print- castle and things

dining room:

1 // langdon vases- pottery barn
2 // isaac 7-light chandelier- schoolhouse electric
3 // philodendron leaf- joann fabric
4 // elk dining table- hd buttercup
5 // dining room chairs-
6 // lockwood bookcase- empiric studio
7 // isaac sconce- schoolhouse electric
8 // eames molded plywood chair- herman miller via hive
9 // waterscape vases- west elm
10 // brass bowls- dwell studio
11 // white ceramic vases- west elm
12 // oversized art- stephanie vovas
13 // jozy pillow (square)- amber interiors / vintage kilim pillow (lumbar)- amber interiors
14 // bench- empiric studio 
15 // faux gazelle horns- jayson home
16 // pleated mirror- west elm
17 // bleached turtle shells- jayson home

Monday, August 25, 2014

lakeside remix: screened front porch

as i mentioned yesterday, i am giddy to start a series of posts today on the blog (!!!) where some friends and i are going to bring you a virtual showhouse tour! without further ado, meet the adorable lake bungalow we're about to totally remix: 

this little gem is the cabin in lakeside, ohio, where my family stayed every year for vacation when i was a kid. it was so fun to find pictures of it recently and walk down memory lane. but seriously, i can't even look at these without immediately re-designing the rooms in my head. so, this week, purely for fun and fantasy, i am doing just that.

what would i do if this lake house were mine? what would you do? it's fun to think about, isn't it?

this little pet project was too big (and frankly too fun) to do all on my own. so i've enlisted some mega-talented bloggers and designers to go room by room through the cabin with me and update the design, and to bring you the virtual tour. and i am so. excited. to. get. started.

i'm kicking the week off with the porch, an incredible screened in room that spans the entire front of the house. it's the first thing that greets you in this cottage and is the perfect spot to laze.

for inspiration in this room, i didn't look any further than a scenario in my head where i lounge here all day (in super glamorous lounge-wear, obviously). like, get up in the morning, grab a coffee and a good book, put my butt in a chaise, and stay there until the sun sinks and the cocktails come out. this porch is going to be part swanky club room, part glamping, and all comfort. it is for relaxing.

we're going to start with a tad bit of climate control (and since i'm spending fantasy money here, it's ok to splurge a bit). i'm going to insulate the porch and install casement windows. don't worry...every last one of them will be able to crank open and let in the breeze...they'll just pretty-up the exterior of the house and protect our new anthropologie rug while they're at it. plus, once this cabin is re-made, i'm definitely going to want to travel there more often than once a week in summer. christmas at the lake anyone?

here's how the furniture is going to lay out:

up top, we'll have a sectional sofa with two chaises for stretching out or curling up. that's where you'll find me.

we'll add a colorful art print around the sofa to dress it up, a fabulous coffee table, and some leafy greens to bring in the outside (it is a porch after all):

underfoot, you'll find that anthro rug i am very interested in protecting, and for getting comfy, lots of pillows and throws:

i'm crazy about the lovely lady print by anna rifle bond and how a vacation house gives you the excuse to bring in a lot more color than you normally would.

opposite the sofa i'm adding a woven settee with a bookcase behind it. this will round out the conversation area and add another perch for reading. (i'm fudging the dimensions of this tiny porch a little here. no wait! i'm remodeling the porch to make it a little bigger!):

next to the settee, we gotta have a posh bar cart. i'm with mandy on these; i don't drink much, but they are just too pretty. if you're going to have a lounge-inspired porch, the bar cart is a must. bonus- you can have a drink dispenser for your infused water close at hand and won't have to walk to the kitchen as often:

that cart is bringing some serious swank to our space. metallic gold playing cards?! need. and that gold geometric bottle opener...oh my goodness. love it. oh, and a canopy of globe lights is a porch must-have for when the sun leaves but the party stays.

on the other side of the room, you can bring over those pretty playing cards and strike up a round of euchre. we're going to do a tulip table for games with some candy-red chairs and a mid-century rocker:

the wall space by the door is going to get an oversized sheet of rifle wrapping paper (better than art!) to balance out the beach print on the other side. bright accessories, like a honeycomb tray, will continue bringing color into the room and pulling the scheme together. with all of these pops, the walls are going to stay- you guessed it- white. a glossy white plank wood floor will keep the backdrop blank so all of these goodies can shine.

and that's it! what do you think- wanna hang there with me for a day (or a week)? i'm telling you, as the tour goes on i'll be more and more bummed out that this isn't happening in real life. come back tomorrow to see kyla's take on the living & dining rooms. it's going to be gorgeous! 


/// /// 

{complete sources for today's post:}


party sectional sofa- crate & barrel {sadly, no longer available. hey c&b, bring that puppy back next year, ok!?}

sofa accessories:

beach rules custom art print- 
oragami geometric coffee table- west elm
fiddle leaf fig tree- z gallerie
gold wishbone- jayson home & garden
magazines- trouve
retro tabletop fan- vornado v-fan via rejuvination

pink & green rug- kiara rug by anthropologie
round viking ship pillow- zinc door
pom throw- serena & lily
herringbone throws- serena & lily {grab the affordable version at target}
rosa illustrated art print- rifle paper co.

settee conversation area:

woven settee- huron sofa by west elm
square pillows- bibi pillow by zinc door
elephant lumbar pillow- zinc door
fiddle leaf fig- amazon {this set of 2 has the whole porch covered}
bookcase- crate & barrel
sunburst mirror- country living DIY project {this photo belongs to someone who did the project from instagram...please tell me if it's you so i can credit! i lost you!!}
stump side table- west elm

bar cart:

bar cart- wayfair
drink dispenser- pottery barn
hex brass bottle opener- ferm living
outdoor drinkware- pottery barn
tubular burst objet- wayfair
gold metallic playing cards- anthropologie
decorative branch- grapewood vine by z gallerie
outdoor wall-mount thermometer- rejuvination
honeycomb bone boxes- jayson home & garden
globe lights- rejuvination

game area:

tulip table- amazon
koi rattan armchairs- one kings lane
red mid-century modern rocking chair- contemporary furniture warehouse
honeycomb serving tray- zinc door
woven bowl- yalayalaa etsy shop {no longer available; similar}
striped pillow- pop stripe by west elm
adventure is out there pillow- west elm

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