Saturday, December 9, 2017

Actual Pinterest Search Results

So I'm "room mom" for my son's Kindergarten class, and one of our assignments from the PTF is to have the kids decorate a Kleenex box to donate to the food pantry. (I know, at this point you're already thinking Who are you? What has happened to you in the last year?? Just...nevermind.)

Not having much expertise in the field of decorating Kleenex boxes, I naturally turned to Pinterest.

Here are ACTUAL results I was just served up on Pinterest when I searched "How to decorate a Kleenex box":

Um...what is happening.

Let me guess...The Eye of Sauron gives it to you?

If you really DIY'd that, you win the internet.

Yeah no, I totally heard snowmen are trending in a very specific subculture right now.

For those of you who already think cats are evil, well, your point may have just been proven. (Also, an accidental click through will reveal that this company is specifically advertising this as a "Toilet Sticker," meaning this image isn't even a parting shot from some disgruntled marketing intern as I originally thought it must be...)

No no nooooo no no no. I can't unsee this!

The best part is that Wayfair actually *promoted* this.

I'm pretty sure we already know your answer, sir.

So what you're saying is, "Anyone who thinks they should decorate a Kleenex box should just go ahead and set it on fire."

The only problem I see here is a possible sanitation issue with the ears. Otherwise I think it's a great idea.

Are all the documentaries about how to decorate Kleenex boxes?

Stag sculpture. Nailed it.

How did they get the Kleenex on top of that lamp to stand up in such perfect folds?

Because we all have that awkward corner in our house that we're not sure how to fill.

Sire, thou hast decorated the finest Kleenex box in all of the land. We honor thee with this enormous pen.

So...which one should I go with to impress the PTF? Naked wilderness guy? Yep, totally going with naked wilderness guy. Thank you Pinterest!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Guest Room Styling with Serena & Lily

It's been busy in such a good way!! I just got back from an unbelievable trip to High Point Market, which is the world's largest to-the-trade furniture/ home decor show. The scope and magnitude are impossible to describe, but let's just say my brain exploded. Multiple times. (See the highlights here). I am also on Week 4 of 6 with the One Room Challenge over at Laura Design Co., and as if all that wasn't wonderful enough, my mom came to sneak in a quick visit from California!

Our guest room has been quite neglected, and I've been wanting to spruce it up for a while now. Mom's visit happened to coincide with Serena & Lily reaching out to see if they could send me a product to review. (Apparently somehow they were tipped off to the fact that I stalk their website on a near daily basis). One of the options was the Lanai Mirror- which seriously- I have been eyeing for MONTHS, and maybe even years, so I knew it would be a great fit for the guest room dresser immediately. In case you're curious, I went with the larger of the two sizes.

If you're not familiar with Serena & Lily, they are one of my top 3 favorite retailers. Their style is classic, preppy and a little bit coastal. Seriously, the last time I saw one of their ads in a magazine, I tore it out and carried it around with me for a week. This is what a nerd I am.

The mirror was here in no time and was just as gorgeous in real life as it was in their catalog (and my dreams). The fates even converged so that our magnolia tree popped, giving me fresh branches to style with! Ready to see it?

This room was long ago a nursery, but I painted it this deep navy (Naval by Sherwin Williams, one of our favorite go-to Navy blues), knowing that it would transition seamlessly into a guest room. I have a floral duvet cover (from RH over a decade ago) that I've always loved and am designing the room around. Now that this dresser is styled, of course, it makes me want to finish the room!

The rest of the room is pretty close...we just need a headboard (tough choices anyone?), a little more art, and some styling and we'll be there. But a huge thanks goes to Serena & Lily for the lovely mirror and a good start on finally finishing this room!

This post was sponsored by Serena & Lily, for which I am very grateful, in the form of product for review. As always, I would only recommend brands on this blog that I would share with my best friends at our weekly playdate. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

One Room Challenge!

Hi friends!

Winter has come and gone and Spring is trying its hardest to get going here in Chicago. Time is flying! I am popping in here to let you know that today is the official start of the Spring One Room Challenge that Linda, from the blog Calling It Home, hosts twice every year, and Laura Design Co. is jumping in!

You should know that literally every time the ORC rolls around there is a conversation in our house that mainly consists of me begging, pleading, cajoling, scheming, and any other tactic I can think of to get my husband to agree to do it. After two rounds (bedroom & exterior) he knows the blood, sweat, and total insanity these challenges foist upon him, and has no guilt in saying heck no to my pleas.

So it ain't happening at my house. But it IS happening at "The Other Laura's" house! We at LDC are taking an outdated playroom with gorgeous potential and turning it into the show-stopping family room it was meant to be. I'd love for you to come take a peek at what we have planned...

You can also follow inspiration & progress as we complete this challenge over the next six weeks, by following our One Room Challenge Pinterest board and our Instagram. Can't wait to see you over there!

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