Wednesday, December 10, 2014

speakeasy new year's eve // photobooth

well i couldn't be more excited about today's post. first of all, i love photobooths, photo backdrops, and anything else photo-related. secondly, i gasped audibly (no, i wasn't alone, and yes, it was embarrassing) when grace sent me the gorgeous pictures she shot for today. they. are. so. good!!! kyla and i both used all capital letters in our excited responses, which if you read my blog you might notice, i don't break out much.

the bane of my existence (party-wise) has been throwing awesome soirees and not getting any good shots to preserve the occasion. just to give you a for-instance, last fall i threw a truly epic 30th birthday party for a friend...i hand crafted a whole wall of giant flowers, there was vintage lace, a garden setting, twinkle lights, hanging lanterns...the whole shebang. it was magical. and this terrible picture is the only picture i got. i have since learned the importance of taking the time to capture a moment.

do not let your new year's party suffer the same fate. set yourself up for photo success with a photobooth. today, grace has an easy tutorial for one that is so stinkin' adorable i could cry, and a free printable mugshot prop to boot!

is she not the cutest jailbird you ever did see?! head over to the big reveal blog for the how-to and your freebie!

and in case you need to catch up, this is part of a series of new year's eve party must-haves i'm bringing you this week along with my partners in blog-crime, kyla from house of hipsters and grace from the big reveal. every day we'll have a new essential ingredient for you to throw a fabulous bash. {your party kit thus far is below}

see you back again tomorrow!


  1. She is a stinkin' cute jailbird! Garce my lady, you nailed it!

  2. Can I just say that this party you girls are putting together is TO DIE FOR! I love every bit of it.


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