Hi & welcome! Found & Foraged is a design and style philosophy based on the idea that great spaces don't have to be expensive, that the most personal homes evolve over time, and that beauty is everywhere if you pause long enough to look and gather. Together with my friends Kyla from House of Hipsters and Grace from The Big Reveal, we've started this project to celebrate unique finds and foraged beauty among a connected community of design enthusiasts. (or design nerds, if you want. just sayin'...if you've gotten this far, that's probably what you are).

#foundforaged submitted by jocelyne why

These moments are celebrated through an Instagram hashtag challenge called #foundforaged. It is an amazingly beautiful feed, and so inspiring. Only a few short days after launching there were over 200 images tagged, and after a few weeks, over 2000. Now, months later, that number is over 20,000. We are so humbled and grateful for the response and the community of creatives that this has brought together.

This is for anyone; This is for you. There are no rules- this is your interpretation of what's beautiful around you- in creation or by your creativity. Just add #foundforaged to any of your original pictures, and Grace, Kyla, and I regram our favorites (on our own accounts so be sure to check all three) on Saturdays.

#foundforaged submitted by sister golden shop

#foundforaged submitted by pamela prussel

I'm so glad you stopped by. I hope you'll join in the fun on Instagram, and I'm so excited to see what Found & Foraged means to you!

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