Monday, December 8, 2014

speakeasy new year's eve // party kit

do you guys remember over the summer, when i first introduced you to kyla from house of hipsters and grace from the big reveal and we had a little fun taking a room a day for one week and making over a cabin?

we enjoyed that so much we decided to do a little something for the winter too. this time, we're bringing to life (well, virtual life anyway) our altitude summit party inspiration in the form of a party kit just for you! each day we'll bring you one thing you need to build the perfect party. by the end of the week, you'll have all the instructions, freebies, and ingredients you need to throw your own speakeasy-themed new year's bash.

remember this awesome mood board?

i know what you're thinking... wha?! new year's eve? i haven't even started my christmas shopping yet! don't panic. i don't mean to jump the gun. but the reality is, christmas is coming soon. and after that you'll only have a scant week to prepare for the epic party you've already run the montage of in your head. the one where you're glam and composed, delectable treats arrayed in your (totally clean) kitchen, lavish decorations and twinkling lights appointing the house, snow falling softly out the window, your tiara sparkling...

wait, where was i? oh yes, the party plan. just take a deep breath, pin this post, and file it away for safekeeping when you need it on the 26th. we'll have you covered to throw together that party montage in real life --quickly, easily, and inexpensively-- and it will look like a million bucks. (sorry, we can't clean your kitchen though).

the party starts with me and flowers. (always, right!?) i'm up first with an easy tutorial for some lush, vintage-inspired floral centerpieces.

and then by the end of saturday, you'll have everything from invitations to cocktails to photo props-- all that you'll need to host a fabulous new year's...

{step over here for a second if you don't yet know the bloggy besties i'm throwing this with. kyla is from the house of hipsters. she is a graphic designer who can whip up an ultra-cool label, design a campaign logo, or slap together a killer moodboard with the snap of her fingers. she's also a DIY maven whose projects and styling have landed her on craftgawker's most gawked list. grace is the mastermind behind the big reveal blog. she is a lifestyle expert on the tv show twin cities live and was recently featured by good housekeeping because she has mad design skills. i'm so excited to be partnering with these ladies. they have some serious cred!}

i hope you'll have fun and be inspired! (and then i promise we'll get back to christmas business at hand). start here with the flowers, see below for the kit so far, and check back each day this week to see what's next!


  1. You ladies are seriously amazing, I can't believe how awesome this is!! Please oh please really have this and we'll all fly there to go to it, seriously. (Thanks for sharing it at On Display Thursday too!!)

  2. My party planner was the perfect fit for me. She thought of every detail I could imagine. She works hard for you and will really make you feel special. She's a joy to work with and she even found my Cartier ring when I left it at the venue on my wedding day!


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