Saturday, February 15, 2014

hamptons house tour

i think i just found my dream house. this week i stole away to the library to peruse this month's magazines (more on that later), and absolutely fell in love with the work of sandy gallin featured in architectural digest.

i researched his work a bit further online, and one home i found, currently on the market in amagansett, actually had my heart beating a little faster. it is very rare that i will flip through a house tour and love every room, but in this one, i loved every room. for that reason, i decided i must share. enjoy!

 living room
neutral colors, natural light, beam ceilings and plank walls are carried throughout the house.

this kitchen is comfortable, welcoming, and cozy. it is refreshingly understated.

 master bedroom
the wall of pictures mimics the wall of windows.

 master bath

 additional bedroom

aren't those sconces fantastic? and i really love the brass hardware. it's interesting to me that this bathroom has bronze, brass, and chrome and they all work so wonderfully together.

 formal living room
this is great because there is nothing formal about it.

 additional bedroom

 powder room

 additional bedroom
the wood tones look so good against the stark white bedding and walls. i also love the art piece over the bed.

 family room
this room was what originally caught my eye in the architectural digest feature.

 outdoor dining space
can't you just picture the globe light strings glittering above your garden dinner party?

 outdoor fireplace and pergola

    guest cottage

cottage bedroom
the huge artwork is great in here, and i love the plank walls and tiny window. i adore bedrooms that have little more than beds- they feel so cozy and seem to delight in their intended purpose. 

 poolside at dusk

i think the great appeal of this house is that its welcoming. though everything is done in the highest taste, there isn't a single room that makes you feel you can't come in and sit down and relax. that, in my opinion, is the truest compliment for a home.

all images via corcoran group real estate.

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