Saturday, February 8, 2014

10 trends we long will they last?

by their very definition, the trends we currently love will not last. a trend is that which comes in and goes out; which we love today and then tire of tomorrow. the key is knowing how long we have with them before their inevitable demise, so that we don't waste our (monetary) affections.

to evaluate design longevity, look for these three killers:

1) overexposure. if the market is saturated with it, it is on the chopping block.
2) accessability/ affordability. the more people have it, the less trendsetters want it. (unfair, but true).
3) available alternatives. something that's popular will continue only until something better comes along.

so here are ten trends going strong, and my predictions for how long they will be around:

1. grey & yellow.

i love it, you love it, we all love it. but there are entire sections devoted to it at joann fabrics and target (no disrespect- nothin' but love), and we all have to admit this combo isn't going to have the longevity of navy and white. it is everywhere, which means designers could soon move on. (we all remember baby blue and chocolate- think about how dated that looks now, and that was only 2010). if you have your heart set on this pallette, that's great, because it is still beautiful. but do consider buying throw pillows and inexpensive art over investing in an upholstered wing chair and drapery panels.

prediction: danger zone.

this bathroom is so awesome, it makes me want to take back everything i just said. there is no possibility this will go out of style. ever. by sarah richardson.

2. chevron.

we've all seen this print all over lately, so again, its a problem of overexposure. remember cheryl crow's "all i wanna do is have some fun"? you still hate that song twenty years later. i would go with a storage bin or some artwork if you need a touch of this in your nursery, rather than the expensive rug.

prediction: going, going, gone.

better in small, easily changed-out doses. this banner is perfect, from n hayes designs on etsy.

3. polished chrome.

on the one hand, this is a classic for the bath and will never go away completely. but as people are seeking more pastoral interiors, i'm seeing this give way to unlacquered brass time and again. i still think you should go with it if you like it. to keep it looking current, though, mix in some rustic elements with it, like a chunky woven rug, an antique dressing table, or a distressed over- or under-sized mirror.

prediction: she will survive.
Vintage bath
chrome done right. from rejuvenation.

Subway tile and brass shower.

the competition: unlacquered brass. if you don't like it, you will soon. from chic design investments (above) and house & home (below).

4. stainless steel.

they have been saying for over a decade that this one was headed out, and they were dead wrong. it was not, and is not. but, there is finally a viable alternative, and that is white steel. evidence? you can't buy it for less than $5000 (not a cool one anyways), and i would over stainless if i could.

prediction: white is the new stainless. for me, anyways.

man, i love this viking fridge. from a great article on the subject at apartment therapy.

5. granite counters.

i think this one is a given. when was the last time you saw granite in a design magazine? if i had liberty to splurge in this area, i'd go with a type of calacutta marble (even though its a trend in its own right), honed, because it's been in style for hundreds of years, and i would chill out and just revel in the stains and scores the way european kitchens do.

prediction: dishes are done, man.

this gorgeous kitchen, and more on the marble topic, is at cote de texas.

6. high baseboards.

i'm going out on a limb here, as this one is simply gut prediction. (i am also rejecting my own intuition and installing- as we speak- the highest baseboards i could find). but i'm seeing these get taller and taller in magazines and catalogues, and i can't help but think that, much like skinny ties, skinny baseboards are going to feel really fresh in the not-too-distant future. on this one, you should ignore the trends and buy what you like. if you don't know what you like, find an era of architectural history that speaks to you, and use it as inspiration.

prediction: who cares?

how high will they go? from emma's blogg.

7. painted furniture.

i love love love love love (that's five loves) painted furniture. but in case you didn't know, shabby chic is already a bad word in new york city. still, this trend will stick around a while longer, i predict, because there isn't a plethora of satisfactory wood tones on the market right now to replace it. my advice is to keep from going overboard. don't paint every single piece that you salvage. good design is a healthy, eclectic mix of old and new anyways. leave one or two wood pieces alone, and history will smile on you for it.

prediction: don't go bananas. maybe just go a clementine, or a couple of grapes.

our breakfast room hutch.

8. ombre.

am i even spelling that right? i've seen this trend in interiors, weddings, clothes, even hair. i doubt it has a lot of staying power, though it is a lot of fun. this one is best reserved for party decorations, and not so much for painted walls.

prediction: a quickly passing craze.

my daughter's princess party decorations were a great (non-permanent) way to enjoy ombre.

9. beadboard wainscotting.

simple beadboard may have kicked off the paneling trend, but its been eclipsed lately for full-height batten board or plank walls. don't fear to still use it though. beadboard is a staple and, even if it falls out of fashion, it will never go out of style. to keep it fresh in my son's room, i painted the wainscotting, chair rail, and baseboards all the same color, and we installed it about a foot higher than you would typically see it. like new accessories with a little black dress, this classic only needs a few tweaks to keep up.

prediction: here to stay

monochromatic paint looks great on this beadboard, from design sponge.

10. full-height batten board or plank walls.

these are a 10 out of 10 on the exposure scale, but they rank fairly low on accessibility (i don't know how to install these, do you?) and there is absolutely zero in line to replace them. no one's going back to plain old drywall anytime soon. but like skinny jeans, and then bell bottoms, and then skinny jeans again (yes, it will happen), these are going to have to fall out of favor eventually. the design industry is, er, designed to make you want the next new thing. and i promise you there are a lot of people right now working hard to figure out what that is. i'm planning to take my own advice on this trend- put it in (one or two rooms, not the whole house) and enjoy it!

prediction: in town for a bit longer

i reeeallly do love these walls. from home bunch.

ok, well, if you're still with me, wow! congratulations, you read a really long post, survived a few really outdated cultural references, and are now armed with some very deep and insightful interior design trend predictive knowledge upon which you can base very, very important life decisions.

seriously though, thanks for reading.

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