Saturday, February 1, 2014

historic details

avery street was where my grandparents lived, in a historic district of parkersburg, west virginia. my grandmother, kate, had great style, and i wish i had taken more pictures of her house when it was still in our family. its details and architecture inspire so many of the plans i have for my own house.

happily, i get to visit with many of those details often, at my dear friends stephanie and travis' home. they bought a beautifully restored early 1900's house just over two years ago, and have only been making it better since. it reminds me so much of kate's house. leaded glass windows, five panel doors, mile-high baseboards, beautiful moulding, a huge front porch with a swing, the most beautiful garden. i could go on for awhile. but the best thing about both of these places is the feeling you have when you walk through the front door. that you're welcome, and that you're loved. that is what making a home is all about, and you can't buy it at lowe's.

i have schemes to eventually woo travis and steph into letting me post a house and garden tour. until then, here are a few stolen peeks at the little things i love so much about their house.

an old nameplate on the front door.

glass doorknobs on bronze backplates.

 layer upon layer of white paint, chipped just right.

grand and intricate ceiling medallions.

a delicate chandelier in the upstairs hallway.

steph's incredible style, and her incredible furniture finds.

photo credits go to travis hickox. even the last two, which i took, still get credited back to him, because he taught me how to use instagram. and an iphone.

thank you steph and travis for letting me share these!

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