Wednesday, February 19, 2014

best of the magazines- part one

last winter i found out that the library has magazines.

i know, duh, right? it's just that this is an institution i didn't visit at all between college (when i only went for some painful exercise, like studying), and when i had kids (when i only went for story time without even realizing there was a whole upstairs with stuff that is interesting to grown-ups). so when i found this out, and that you could even take the older issues home for free, i was both elated and furious. elated that i had access to all of these treasures, and furious that i had been shelling out $20 every road trip since forever to buy magazines i could have just borrowed. anyways, i have decided to petition ryan (sweet husband) to let me have a mental health morning one saturday a month, to go and sit and read them. so far, i got 20 minutes on my last birthday (11 months ago) and 45 minutes this month under the guise of "the blog."

so. i am starting a regular column called "best of the magazines" where i will highlight my absolute favorites from each month's mental health morning. it will be a win-win. you get some curated eye-candy, and i get a regular [excuse to] escape.

this month had so much good stuff, i will have to break this post into two parts. without further ado, here begins the best of the february/ march magazines.

traditional home february/march 2014
"before & after" issue

from " revived georgian home," design by suzanne kipp:

a show-stopping all-white kitchen

 from "casual california home," design by kelie grosso:

the black, white & gold living room

a pass-through to the kitchen surrounded by cabinetry, (a beautiful way to make it an architectural feature)

the dreamy dressing area with layered mirrors

from "updated atlanta classic," design by nicole metzheiser:

a relaxing sun porch with benjamin moore's 'bird's egg' on the ceiling

 house beautiful february 2014
"incredible makeovers!" issue

from modern country house, design by dana simpson and joan osofsky:

a neutral living room with bold art and bright pops of color

a rustic and refined dining space

elle decor, january/february 2014
"global chic" special issue

from "high style: a classic paris apartment," design by homeowners sylvie de chiree and philippe rapin:

a living room where modern clean-lined furniture meets elegant old parisian architecture

an incredible black & white bathroom with intricate tile and leaded glass windows that is inspiring a lot of powder room dreams and designs around here. 

country living, march 2014
"homes with heart" issue

from "peek inside a restored victorian cottage in arkansas," design by homeowner cathy collins:

an attic space converted to an ethereal writer's haven

now that i see all of these pictures in one place, it's as if we've toured one single (very beautiful) house. if put together, these rooms would flow seamlessly into one another as neutral colors and distressed elements were carried throughout. it would be a place i'd love to visit. 

for more from this month's magazines (well, magazine...) check out part two!

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