Monday, February 17, 2014

family room: winter color infusion

exciting news. my fabric store shopping spree and subsequent geek partying has an end result. my family room has color!

here is a shot of how it looked before:

and now...

that was a lot of pictures. i apologize. you know how sometimes you're not sure which one is best? (or if any of them are even good at all?)

here are some shots of the details:

 i stretched the fabric i bought to sew five pillows and reupholster one chair.

 i got rid of the tab tops on the drapes and gave them a bright band using fabric paint.

 i used my coffee table styling formula of books + flowers + tray + accessories.

 these layered dollar store mirrors served as a tray, and i made the gold spikey ball thing.

i started making these "art books" at shutterfly to showcase my kids artwork. they are some of my favorite things.

 for the step table, i pulled out a few favorites from my vintage book collection. the top two are college textbooks that belonged to my grandfather and my mom. i bought the bottom one at a used book store in high school, back when i thought the creepy stories of guy de maupassant were really cool.

 this painting is another hack i did of work by a real artist, emily jeffords, who is amazing.

my valentine's roses added perfect pops of color to the vintage tv trays behind the loveseat.

 i bought the tv trays- a set of four- at a garage sale for $2. amazing! 

 this darling table was another garage sale find i had hiding in the basement. i gave it a coat of hot pink paint, and painted some dollar store vases to go with it.

this chair was previously brown with a brown leather seat. i stole it from the office and gave it a very girly makeover. when i originally went shopping for fabric, i hadn't planned on reupholstering it, so i ended up about 20" short of fabric for my pillows. hence, piecing together the remains for a quilted cover.

so that's my february family room makeover. i think my color cravings have been satisfied! now we'll see how long i can live with it. i may not have mentioned this, but i'm actually a color-phobe (possibly a design committment-phobe at the root level), so my husband's money is on about three weeks. i'm already dreaming of painting the room white come spring...

but for now, one more look at the before and after:

what are you doing to curb your color cravings until spring arrives?


  1. I love it!!! Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. of course you *sweetest person ever* would be the first to comment. thanks, friend.

  3. If I ever get a new house or redesign the old one, you are so doing it if I can convince my better half.


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