Thursday, September 25, 2014

desk styling // bastion & co. nyc

just popping in with some breaking news: that there is an article over at the beautiful bastion & co. online magazine about how i'm styling my desk!

when mats meyer, the creative director, reached out to me and asked if i would like to collaborate for their new magazine launch, i pretty much knew right away that my desk was the only thing glamorous enough in my house to feature on an NYC fashion website! haha, but no, seriously, it is.

mats was so sweet to work with and i loved giving a sneak peek of what i'm up to in the office. i know that some people are haters (you know who you are!) of the open-storage workspace, but i am a true and honest believer that, where possible, open storage will help hold you accountable to keeping your possessions edited and neat.

so i'm talking about all the ways i organized my office supplies in plain site, and came out with a pretty desk to boot. i'd love for you to head on over to bastion & co. to see the how-to's and several gorgeous (if i do say so myself) shots of how i styled my desk. enjoy!

and thank you so much to mats and team for inviting me!


  1. Your desk area is definitely somewhere I could see myself sitting for hours!

    26 and Not Counting

    1. thank you so much jessica!! ahhh, me too...if only my kids would let me sit there for hours. ;-) someday!

  2. Laura, I left you a little comment over on bastion & co:) To sum it up, you are so awesome! Come style a desk for me, pretty please.

    1. aw, thanks grace! i'd love energy drink and all. xoxo...


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