Thursday, September 25, 2014

10 years

ten years ago today, september 25, 2004, i married ryan. i have started and stopped this post about twenty times, because i'm not really good at being effusive in front of other people. in fact, that day itself was so nervewracking- why doesn't anyone warn brides that people are going to be looking at you. all day!? i would have punched ryan if he'd proposed to me in public. and i have banned him for life from making any kind of lovey overture toward me on facebook. in fact, i almost didn't post this at all.

but it's kind of a big one. ten years. ten years since i walked out onto that beach, locked eyes with him, and felt every fear in the world wash away and have only him remain. he took care of me in that moment, and he's taken care of me ever since. i'd do it again in a heartbeat-- faster this time if i could-- and i didn't want to let the day pass without telling my husband, in the loudest voice i could, that i love him. so there, i said it, on the internet. i love you ryan. i thank God for the gift of you, my best friend, every day.


  1. Happy Anniversary! (Sorry I am a little late on blog reading!) I hope you both had a wonderful day.


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