Thursday, September 11, 2014

a few more renegade goodies

i don't want to beat this renegade horse to death or anything, but there were sooo many tempting pretties that lined division street in chicago last weekend, i just have to stay there a minute longer. here are a few more vendors and wares, most of which i didn't get good snaps of, that definitely caught my eye and are worth a look. enjoy!

1 // fount leather // bellfield tote
2 // rococo // 70's triangles quilt (scroll down to quilts)
3 // 7m woodworking // fabric covered extension cord
4 // son of a sailor supply // keychain
5 // the object enthusiast // ring dish
6 // son of a sailor supply // flash drive
7 // son of a sailor supply // horse shoe
8 // bdj craft works // petite wall vase
9 // son of a sailor supply // key fob
10 // the object enthusiast // facet vessel
11 // revisions design studio // geometric hanging planter
12 // ryan kapp // surf rider limited edition print
13 // ryan kapp // peeps in the park limited edition print  (sold out)
14 // zero bird studio // north & damen limited edition print
15 // ryan kapp // pug limited edition print


  1. I would have had a hard time coming back with any money in my pocket. What a bunch of amazing makers! I had better start saving now for next year:)

    1. Still holding you to that statement Grace....!!


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