Thursday, September 4, 2014

diy: patterned woven basket

here's a challenge we have all faced at one time or another: making open shelves beautiful and functional. you don't want to show off piles of less-than-pretty necessities, but at the same time you don't want everything on your shelves to be only decorative (or as ron swanson would call it, "useless").

additionally, we're faced with trying to find storage bins that are cheap and stylish. it's not easy! i needed something that fit all the above criteria for my office shelves, and i really wanted it to be just a touch bohemian.

on my budget, that doesn't exist in stores, but it can be made! here's how:

total time: 10 minutes per basket
patience level: toddler in a drive thru
total cost: $1 per basket


small woven baskets
sharpie marker

i found the baskets i used at our local dollar tree for -- you guessed it -- $1 each. they had tons of styles to choose from. baskets like this are also a dime a dozen at garage sales in the summer, so keep an eye out.


1. use a pencil to lightly sketch out a pattern on the front of your basket.

2. fill in the pattern with your sharpie marker.

the pattern from this ikea rug inspired my baskets. you might find a similar pattern to inspire you, or just make one up: 

i did three baskets. i debated doing them all the same pattern in three different colors, but in the end, i used the same berry pink color and did three different patterns.

see? two steps...nothing to it. and thanks to these baskets, some vintage metal boxes i found in the basement, and some inexpensive craft paper boxes (from the giftwrap section at target), i have ten secret storage spots in my open cabinets. they can hold a stash of stamps or envelopes or receipts, and still look pretty. mission accomplished!


  1. Cutey cute, Laura. What a fun project.

    1. thanks grace! i love these easy & cheap ones! ;-)

  2. What a great idea, love it!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I look forward to seeing what you do with your entryway :)

    1. thank you! you're welcome...i read way too many of your posts last night ;-) looking forward to seeing more of what you do with your house too!

  3. thank you for your kind words! xo!


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