Wednesday, May 28, 2014

currently craving

summer is officially here. school is out, the pool is open, and the laziness of the season has definitely begun to take effect at our house. here are a few items on my current wish list that reflect the mood around here: light, bright, relaxed, and ready for summer.

for starters, i'm definitely craving more mornings like this

i keep obsessing over this j.crew dress; what a perfectly easy summer staple. 

i've graduated from the diaper bag (finally!) but it turns out, park trips still require a ton of packing. the madewell transport tote would make carting all that gear look effortless and stylish.

thanks to sarah sherman samuel, i'm really thinking i need a touch of marble in my life. (i first found her amazing insta-feed here; see if you can spot my cameo- such a pinch me moment!) 

a marble pastry board would do the trick. this one is from williams-sonoma, and an equally lovely one (for a much lovelier price) is at sur la table

it seems like everyone uses these candles, from diptyque, to style. once i looked them up and saw the price, i knew why. if i decide to splurge on this candle, it will for sure be making several appearances. luckily, laura at bright and beautiful blog has a way to make them last forever. 

on the subject of french things, i'm really craving a little jaunt to paris, like natalia took. i mean, as long as i'm enjoying relaxing mornings over croissants and coffee, it just seems like i should be doing it there. don't you think?

on the home front, i'm craving white walls. i've mentioned this before, and it's grown from a burgeoning obsession to a full-blown crusade. our painter is coming in (hopefully) three weeks to do the office, and i'm having him do the family room at the same time. i can't wait! 

i've recently realized that said office probably needs a rug, so this one rounds out my wish list. i can just picture myself sitting at my desk with this squishy softness under my toes!

sadly, now that mother's day is over and my anniversary isn't for several months, i don't have much chance of most of this wishlist being fulfilled anytime soon. but that's actually ok. putting them on the blog is cathartic. it makes me feel like i have them. ha, well, sort of. i still for sure need the paint. and the candle. and the rug... :)

what's on your list of summer must-haves?


  1. Thanks so much for including a link to my post, Laura! Thankfully, Diptyque candles burn slowly (and smell great!) - so the price is a little less difficult to swallow :) For reference, I used the smaller version of the "Baies" candle ($30) in the DIY post. I love your blog - you have a new follower here!

    1. laura, thank you!! i love your blog too! and i was wondering which size candle you used, so that's super helpful, thanks so much. :)

  2. I love your blog too. I like these summer ideas.

    1. thank you so much! i appreciate it. :) yay summer!


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