Wednesday, May 14, 2014

emerald isle

here's my theory: people are slow to adapt. (remember when you thought there was no need in your life for a smart phone? don't leave me hanging!)

it's like that with color. pantone named emerald their color of the year for 2013 but it is now, a year later, that the color is really making its way into the collective mainstream heart. it's popping up everywhere, and i just love it. here are a few of the reasons, spotted lately, that the lovely emerald is enjoying its well-deserved heyday.

1. it is instant art.

{canvas painting via the nowhere girls}

{watercolor wallpaper mural via anewall}

these artworks are complex in their simplicity; hardly more is needed than the color itself.

2. it evokes another era.

i've always thought i was born in the wrong decade, and these photos of the greenbrier hotel, a historic west virginia resort that has held meaning for generations in my family, just prove it. 

3. it will make you look amazing.

especially if you're lupita nyong'o on the red carpet. can she do no wrong?! this is so gorgeous it makes me want to freak out. Freak. Out.

{via fab sugar}

it also helps if you're angelina jolie, a woman who can make pure evil look glamorous. not to worry, though, there's nothing evil about this giant emerald ring, and it would look good on you too. would these double tear-drop earrings. 

{mysterious beauties via pinterest}

another perfect place for a pop of this color: killer pumps

the bitties can rock the look too, with this adorable girls' smock dress.

{via crewcuts by j. crew}

4. it will bring depth and drama to your surroundings.

{madeline weinrib ikat fabric via design salad}

{nippon emerald wallpaper via mimou}

{paint via cote de texas}

5. it will bridge the gap between modern and traditional:

{linen ditte sofa via anthropologie}

{via elle blogg}

sweet sassy molassey. i now need a green ballgown and a green couch. why isn't santa real?

6. it will take you away.

{cinque terre, italy, via the fab guide}

{scotland, it seems, via sita says}

7. it will frame your words.

{white words pop against this green-backed menu, via ruffled blog}

{and on this invitation suite via dallins paperie}

{and on this wedding suite via ruffled blog}

well, are you convinced of emerald's charm? i'm curious to see just how strong of a force this color will be and for how long. turquoise enjoyed about a 4 year run...for emerald, i'll go on record and predict 2.

and if my original theory is true, about this time next year i'll be writing "radiant orchid round-up." (thankfully i have time to come up with a more clever title). we shall see.


  1. I liked the promoting of the emerald green color. I have always loved green.

    1. thank you! green is a new love for me (i've always been more of a pink girl), but i'm definitely smitten!. thanks for reading and for commenting; i so appreciate it. ;-) xo!

  2. I have been crushing on emerald, too. I am strongly considering painting my bedside tables a rich emerald green and adding gold hardware...argh, must find a way to get more time and money to do all the things I dream about!:)

    1. oooh! i LOVE that idea. (so much you enticed me to use capital letters)! and i feel ya exactly on the time and money!!!


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