Wednesday, May 21, 2014

NSS 2014: the national stationery show

this week i keep seeing the initials "nss" tossed around online...always in connection with pretty pictures of paper. turns out, there is a massive gathering of paper nerds in new york, called the national stationery show, (may 18-21 2014), and this paper nerd now has a new item on her bucket list.

in case you're unfamiliar, as i was, this is a trade-only show where stationery purveyors set up booths and designers and shop owners can browse new collections, make connections, and order stock. in no way do i have the necessary credentials (yet) to attend in person, so this year i'm settling for stalking the show through instagram. as pictures of the show circulate, it is exciting to see what new things my favorite paper companies will be rolling out, and to discover new favorites to watch. here's what is catching my eye...

in the "new to me" category:

oh hello friend.

{images via instagram/ pdpaperco}

{images via ten four paper}

in the "you've always been awesome and now you're just awesomer" category:

("snail mail" letter adorable)

(the desk calendar i'm obsessed with, about to arrive in blush and gold?! woot!)

(luggage tag giveaways at the rifle booth, which according to the caption on this photo, will be tucked into the next few online orders as, you know, get there!)

(be still my heart, she's offering wallpaper. i may have to re-think my entire powder room plan.)

well, i feel like i've been there (kind of), how about you? did anyone go to the show or see a booth online that they loved? i'd love to hear about it! 

{and a little aside to all of you who were exhibiting (not just the ones i've posted about, as i'm sure i missed way more than i found): i'd like to say congratulations on your bravery and hard work. each of these booths was an obvious labor of love, and the design world so appreciates your effort and creativity. thank you for putting yourself and your work out there!}

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