Wednesday, March 19, 2014

office inspiration

this is what i look like when i write blog posts.*  an inspiring, beautiful, organized office is a borderline need for a creative professional. our 2014 mudroom/ powder room/ office project will, hopefully, result in an inspiring, beautiful, organized office for me.

i'll show you what my desk actually looked like, if you promise to scroll really fast past the picture.

what? you saw nothing.

my desk was in the corner of our school room, a former dining room that is currently undergoing demolition. (yes! we made it to 10!) here is a look at the spaces and details currently inspiring our design plan for the office it will become.

 we want a room that is bright, light, and modern. {via elle decor}

i'm in love with these antique doors used to create built-in cabinets, and we're going to try something similar along one wall. {via brabourne farm}

our version will likely involve some sort of ikea hack, a la scrap hacker style.

a desk with room for seating on both sides will help facilitate homework help and project collaborations. {by kelly wearstler design via design chic}

the desk will, of course, include lots of pretty accessories...

naturally i'd love a macbook pro, but the chromebook is tempting to try first. {phantom pin image}

 i'm sure the desk will always be perfectly organized. {check out these diy paper tray organizers from a fabulous fete, that look soo cute and easy to make}

 i'll save some wall space for pretty storage and display. {i found this image at the pretty blog}

we're going to try to build an oversized bulletin board right into the wall. the look of this one, covered in linen and finished with brass nail heads, is perfect.
{from alaina kaczmarski at live creating yourself blog}

i'll be shopping for a white, modern, clean-lined desk, like this one spotted at houzz.

 a lucite chair is also on my wishlist. {via lauren conrad}

i need the stendig expensive at $105, (and sells out in a minute), but pretty.

similar to LCY's home office, a gallery of favorite prints will be over the desk, including:

and something like this if i could figure out were to buy it. (see what i mean about stuff on tumblr?)

i'm loving the rows of white magazine files in this office, by justine hugh-jones,

and the big craft table with pendants in this one, by barbara westbrook.

our room is right off the kitchen, so a big thank you to domino for posting these pictures, which confirm bookcases will fit well in that spot.
and finally, this office sums up perfectly how i want the space to feel (its the same one from domino).

we have the basic plan for room layout and built-ins (always good to know before you sledgehammer a wall), but i'm busy making spec sheets, throwing them out, and making more. i'll post more details as everything comes together!

* not. i meant to say this is not what i look like when i write blog posts. sorry if you felt for a moment like i have it all together, or that i wear jewelry around the house, or that i'm out of pajamas before 9 am. that image is how the girls over at firefly events look when they're working. it'll be me someday. right?

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