Thursday, August 14, 2014

10 accessory trends to love

i'm trying to pull together a couple rooms at my house right now: the office and the family room. in order to do so, i've been doing a lot of looking around for inspiration. there are a few accessory trends that i just love and that are everywhere lately (some have been going strong for a couple years and have no end in sight). i see them again and again, and they all certainly deserve their spotlights.

and unlike the last time i wrote about trends, all ten of these are easy and inexpensive to incorporate into your decor, so it's no big deal if they aren't long-lived. you can feel free to let them loose in your house.

1. antlers

antlers and horns, and every variation thereof, have been running amok in homes across this country for the last two years (at least) and it's burgeoned into obsession everywhere you look. i first saw it done in 2012 by suzanne kasler (below) and remember thinking "what the what?!" but i quickly noticed she wasn't alone.

{via suzanne kasler for ballard designs}

{from the office of monika hibbs via style me pretty}

these images show the versatile reach of this trend- from neutral and elegant, to rustic and minimal, to outright girly and glam- and that antlers have made their way into every corner of the design world. that's some serious trend power. need more evidence? check out the antler round-up that came across my inbox this week! 

2. succulents

i'm so happy to report a house plant trend that i can actually participate in! my succulents have been alive and thriving for about 4 weeks now, a record in my home. if someone could consult the trend-powers-that-be and ask for this one to never go out of style, that would be great.

{via wit & delight}

{via west elm}

p.s. i've been looking everywhere for an easy woven planter tutorial, and skinny la minx has it! her macrame hanging planter is so simple and looks perfect- i am so going to try it asap!!

3. tropical leaves

maybe it's because of the ever-present tug i have toward san diego, or because of the way a single leaf can make a whole room, but tropical leaves have been a constant on my table for the last two months solid. if i could drape my entire house in them, like the photo below, i would. i love that this trend is splashing about because it is so graphic and fun, and it just transports you to the west coast in about two seconds.

{via rush jajoe}

{the famous hinson banana leaf wallpaper, used by designer steven scarloff, via house beautiful}

{need to go get one today? $16.99 at michael's.}

4. woven anything

you'll see this trend in rugs, pillows, macrame (like those planter hangers above!), chairs, lamps, wall-hangings...the list goes on and on. if it's woven, it's hot. what i love about this, and just about all of these trends, is their accessibility. you can easily make many of these, or buy them inexpensively, and a little touch goes a long way in a home.

{this amazing wall hanging is from a tutorial by honestly wtf}

{this room, via apartment therapy, shows off the trend in the rug, the pillows, and the baskets on the wall}

{how about this amazing pendant by alexandra raben via dwell? swoon!}

{or this woven huron chair from west elm- kind of obsessed}

5. tassels

the appeal of tassels is that a tiny embellishment can change a whole piece, or, when used en masse, can make a huge statement. plus they're girly and frilly and channel that long lost dream you had of being a cheerleader (you know, the one where you realized you weren't athletic at all, so you traded your kaepas for doc martins and went to the punk side instead).

{garlands via camille styles}

{tassel curtains via serena & lily}

{tassel pillow by nine streets new york}

{want some in your home? martha stewart has the easy diy}

{here's another diy that combines the woven trend and the tassle look- you always get points for efficiency- from sarah sherman samuel via a beautiful mess}

6. gold

the only evidence you'll need to confirm this trend is to google "gold spray paint diy." the world has gone bonkers for the midas touch, and gold accessories are all the rage (followed by gold furniture, gold cabinet hardware, gold name it). and why not? it adds glamour and warmth, is easy to achieve, and makes everything look instantly more high-end.

{an incredible ikea hack by ana antunes via little green notebook}

{it's even made its way to the table, like this flatware from vera wang}

7. house plants, and lots of 'em

{i didn't have to go any further than design sponge to prove this point; they have an entire article devoted to the subject, where you'll find no less than 20 spaces spilling with plants upon plants}

{aaaaand design*sponge again, this time from an amazing bathroom makeover}

8. black & white & wood

i just love how the warmth of a medium wood-tone will compliment a stark black and white scheme.

{via sf girl by bay}

these three tones go together so beautifully! p.s. how many of our trends so far can you spy in that last photo above? i'm counting at least five...

9. wildflowers

found and foraged bouquets are a delight, because they are free and always an adventure. you never know what will be blooming next on the roadside (and you especially never know what's going to pop up in my crazy backyard "garden"). the freeform and organic style of floral arranging currently trending means there are no rules, and a giant armfull of queen anne's lace or a single poppy can hold their own against more showy and expensive blooms. yay.

{via freepeople}

{by nicole franzen via sf girl by bay}

10. geometrics

the lines in geometric accessories just make my heart sing, especially those of the simple, slim or metallic variety (and anything paired with a succulent of course). 

{icosidode planter by score and solder}

{two triangles screen print by 45 wall design}

{prism hanging mobile by the etsy shop hruskaa}

so, there's the round up of the things i'm seeing out there that just won't quit. maybe they're over-saturated and ready to die. but again, no worries if they're gone tomorrow; you didn't spend a lot to enjoy them. (well, i guess you did if you bought the vera wang flatware. if that's the case, can i please come over for dinner?!)


  1. What a walk down memory lane to see macrame is in again! Too bad I can't remember how to tie a single knot!

  2. i know! when ryan saw the picture he said, "wow, that looks so 70's." i guess that's how it works though, isn't it?! (and remember all those plants in kate's bathroom? i kept thinking of those too!)

  3. If I could leave only emojis, it would be two thumbs up and a couple hearts. I might even toss in a Mwah! kissy face. I love this trend round up. I am dying to try a giant fiber wall hanging in my dining room. I have pinned a couple of great tutorials and I'm hoping to have time soon to get on that!:)

    1. thank you grace!! i so want to do it too but they always look so complicated. (anything that requires me to make a loom is automatically outside my patience zone). i know you'll break it down easy for me though...can't wait to see!


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