Thursday, June 19, 2014

yummy muffins and the mom side of me

a few years ago, i had the privilege of attending entrusted with a child's heart, a practical parenting course developed by betsy corning, founder of entrusted ministries. i would recommend it to anyone newly wading into the murky waters of parenthood; her guidance has helped me in countless ways as i seek to raise up my precious little ones in the way they should go.

fast forward and through a series of party run-ins thanks to a mutual darling (acquaintance is not a strong enough word), betsy and i found we shared an affinity for the creative whimsy that makes life with kids all the more fun.

i could not have been more surprised or flattered when she asked me to become a regular contributor to the entrusted ministry blog. her website is filled with resources to help moms in the most important of our jobs, and to help us have fun along the way.

here are some pictures from a recent recipe post i did. these muffins are my go-to way to sneak vegetables past picky palettes and into hungry tummies.

go here for the super yummy recipe. i know you'll love them. (and for more of the mom side of me, you can find all of my entrusted posts here). more importantly, stay awhile and visit with betsy. she's got mom help of the highest calliber. and anyone with little ones knows we need more of that!


  1. Recipe sounds delicious, and I don't even have kids! Doesn't mean I can't sneak some more veggies into MY diet... Pinned for later. Thanks, Laura!

    1. sooo true kristen! i need more too...and it helps to sneak them to myself alongside chocolate chips :)


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