Wednesday, June 11, 2014

nap in a hammock

doesn't that sound good right now? i've spent a lot of time making and crossing off my kids' summer bucket lists...water parks, pools, museums, the's a lot of go, go, go and a lot of crazy.

if i were making the summer bucket list, it would look like this: cold drink, magazine, hammock. the end.

reading elle decor this month, my base instincts to find a shady quiet spot to nap were stirred by this photo:

imagine my complete surprise when-- in a design magazine-- i came to the bit about price, and they are actually affordable! at $94-$114, i'd call them downright reasonable

the company is hanga hammock collective, based in nicaragua. it is a collective of crafters who use sustainable, natural materials, and who donate part of their proceeds back to their community. isn't that wonderful?

my favorite item is that chocolate & white beauty in the middle up there. (it's listed as an "elle decor" special right now on the company's products page for an extra 20% off. sweet!)

if the colors above are too wild, they offer classic cream as well as a large variety of custom options. 

and since, let's be honest, no mom i know is getting a nap alone anytime soon, look at this! the. cutest. baby. swing. ever.

its so fun to find a new company with a great heart and great designs, at prices within reach. thanks elle decor! here's to summer, relaxing, and some stolen zzzzz's under a big tree.


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  2. These really work in keeping baby soothed and relaxed. My sister has one like this and she can not live without it. Your blog is great! your article is interesting, I like it. My children are also using it.


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