Monday, June 2, 2014

weekend wanderings

happy monday! we had a pretty full weekend, and yet with the sun staying out so late these days, it felt completely relaxed. you can go at an easier pace when you have longer days. i love that about summer.

on saturday morning, my daughter and i ran to target to grab a few groceries. i made an eye appointment for monday night so i can finally get some new nerd glasses and some sunnies. eva and i love target optical, because they're not at all uptight about you trying on the frames and taking selfies while you make duck faces.

after that we headed to the garden center at lowe's for mulch and some catmint, so i could finish a little landscaping project i started in the fall. i was very tempted to bring home an enormous succulent and a pink yard flamingo, but luckily for everyone (especially the succulent) i refrained.

the perennial garden i planted, in a little strip on the side of the house, is the first landscaping i've ever done. i'm so proud. i feel like a grown up.

i learned that mulching is super hard and i got really dirty. do you like the dirt french manicure i have going on?

and in other garden news, my peony bush (the one ryan so sweetly got me for mother's day) is starting to bloom! i'm so excited. a little confused, as the tag at the nursery said it was supposed to be pink...but excited nonetheless.

other than that, the kids were outside for the entire weekend, playing in the sandbox, filling up and dumping the kiddie pool (repeatedly), and chasing each other through the yard.

the best part of the weekend by far was gathering to eat dinner on the deck and then sitting in the shade with ryan while the kids played. not to get all sentimental on you, but he's my favorite. and he grills great burgers.

at bedtime, with the light still being so bright, there were a lot of snuggles and monkeying around, and not a lot of sleeping. that was ok with me.

if you're looking for a few places to monkey around this monday morning (i mean, some reads while you have your pre-work coffee), here were my online wanderings over the weekend:

~ i read about an unreal first birthday party over at ellen's blog..beyond gorgeous in every way, and so worth a peek.

~ i stumbled upon house of hipsters, which may be the best kept secret on the internet, and got a major case of cabin fever.

~ i stalked sara mueller's pinterest boards and they were all sooo good.

oh! and i almost forgot. i got social media buttons! i stayed up late saturday determined to figure it out and there they are, up top on the right. you should definitely click one. i hooked them up to go places and everything.

i'll get back to the business of design blogging next time, but i thought every once in a while it would be good for me to let you in on snippets of our life and home. blogging is about community, after all, and it's my goal for us to get to know each other. :)

how was your weekend? what did you do? have a great week!


  1. I so like that you had such a happy weekend without extra expense or energy. A person needs to spend, but needs to know how to enjoy life without always buying. Good job.


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