Monday, April 21, 2014

easter in pictures

hi friends!

i'm pretty tired right now (it's a good tired), and i'm definitely in a lemon cake coma, so i'm not really planning to add much commentary to this post. but i wanted to share a photo recap with you of our easter celebration!

first, can i just say that church was awesome. harvest knows how to party. and though i was absolutely in love with my whiteware/ ceramic bunny/ candy-colored egg centerpieces, they could all burn for how much i cared about them while i was worshipping the risen Savior, Jesus, at the 9 am service.

k. now that's as it should be. on to less important stuff, in completely random order:

and finally, here are a few photos i snapped while i was getting everything ready:

if you have any questions (cake recipe anyone?) or thoughts, or want to share a link to your own easter celebration (or your own anything)...i'd love to hear all in the comments below.

happy easter monday! 

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