Wednesday, April 16, 2014

the perfect swimsuit

swimsuit season's a'comin'. the good news is, my brother is a personal trainer. the bad news is, his workouts are aptly named.

while swimsuit shopping can be panic-inducing in any phase of a woman's life, it is especially difficult for young moms. that last ten pounds of baby weight (does anyone ever actually lose that?) isn't even your biggest problem. your biggest problem is that the cute bikinis that worked on your honeymoon don't exactly feel appropriate anymore now that you're poolside with preschoolers. but everything that is more modest is horribly matronly.

i have found what you need.

this is the suit i bought last year, and though this picture does it no justice, i promise it is the cutest thing ever. it is from sara blakely, the creator of spanx, to whom skinny pants owe sole credit for their comeback.

it shapes you in all the right places, has ruching to cover up what's left, and has good coverage without making you feel like you're old. it is like a perfect, classic 1950's glam retro swim suit. and it looks adorable with a big hat.

why am i telling you this? i am sharing it for the same reason i share any post on this blog: it's something i'd tell my friends about. and if you've kept reading this far, that's you!

so here's to summer, friends, and feeling great in a swim suit.

{top image is vintage vogue}

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