Friday, January 24, 2014

moments that make a house a home

here are snapshots of real life really happening in our house. no instagram filters or fancy retouching here. i feel like before you see some of these, (ahem! kitchen!) you should know that this is no patina farm. though i've said many times i want to die here and be buried in the backyard, our realtor (oddly, now that i think about it) guaranteed this would not be our last house. and we know how unexpected life can be. so we're trying to stay in budget and have some fun with things. some rooms are exactly how i want them. and others are just done enough to keep me from going insane while i'm waiting to win that $100,000 makeover contest i entered a couple years back.

cookie baking day (yeah. he climbed in the sink)

when cookie baking day is done

sleepover on the kitchen floor

the herb garden takes off

party flowers waiting to be arranged

everyone quiet in the schoolroom

that never lasts too long

a new fence to contain the new puppy

the cousins visiting

surprised by his new room...and plopped down to play immediately

that awesome feeling when you finish a project

mom and daughter starbucks date, when it's so cold out that staying in the cozy van, hitting the drive-thru, and then parking in the driveway to talk sounds just right

decorating the christmas tree

 lego minecraft zombie pig men (or whatever they are called) in my dining room hutch

book buddies in the nursery

i will share the official before-and-afters in the days ahead! oh, and the very top picture? one of those great moments when one of your best friends brings you a vase full of your favorite flower just because...and they look great on your new kitchen table!

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