Wednesday, January 22, 2014

relaxing lazy-morning bedrooms

i am sure that i broke about 60 blog rules yesterday. use of a smiley face...not staying on topic...times new roman. but i can't even bring myself to care! i'm too giddy that i wrote my first real post. i have even forgiven google for not centering my pictures, when, clearly, i chose "center" every time that little toolbar magically appeared. 

today, after all that blogging, and as the first of my kids was up at 5 am, sleeping in sounds pretty great. or at least snuggling in bed for awhile with a cup of coffee and a laptop. wouldn't one of these rooms be grand for such a morning?

suzanne kasler, architectural digest

rose uniacke, from a thoughtful eye

alec helmer, design to inspire

with more pressing renovations on our bucket list, a master bedroom like one of these will have to remain in the fantasy category for a while. and by a while, i mean 10 years. oh well, a girl can dream.

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