Wednesday, January 22, 2014

getting to the point

this beauty is our house. built in 1991, it has a great location, plenty of room, and fantastic bones. that's about all.

we bought it for those three reasons almost exactly three years ago, and we're helping it realize its potential one room at a time.

because it was mandatory in 1991 that all new construction be devoid of style, the house has no 

character at all. it has outdated everything, appliances on the brink, leaky windows and doors (we just found snow on our nursery windowsill. inside.), a meatloaf shaped bush in the front yard that wants to eat us, and just about every other cosmetic flaw you can imagine.

but we love. it. sometimes in the summer when the breeze rustles the trees and the kids have tracked in extra sand from the sandbox that day, i'll walk through my kitchen and feel a million miles from life. relaxed. home. it's wonderful here.

and so i'm finally getting to the point (well, a major recurring theme at least) of this blog: our house. and the transformation it has, and will, undergo.

a couple things the reader should know:

1. my husband and i do everything we possibly can on our own. by that i mean he does and i design, which is always a collision of practicality vs. delusions of grandeur.

2. we have no budget. i wish that meant our budget had no limit, but no, we seriously have no budget. all of our projects start at the hope of spending zero and eek up from there.

3. we are slow. like molasses. or a turtle eating molasses. or a 5 year old making a happy meal decision. slow. so if projects move from weeks to months, i'll be keeping you entertained with all the other things that monopolize my thought life.

i'm still glad you're here.

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