Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Year's Wish List

Happy New Year!

I realize it's completely wrong to make a wish list AFTER Christmas, when you just got a bunch of stuff, but I can't help it. I, like pretty much everyone in the free world, read Marie Kondo's book over the holidays, which ended in a colossal purge-fest.

A few pretties that survived the cut...

My closet has about 12 pieces of clothing left, and although that is exactly the amount I actually love and wear, it did become obvious that some key pieces are needed to round out my wardrobe. Hence, the wish list process began. And, well, you know how it is when you get on the internet....you end up needing all the things.

Luckily, I still remember my blogger password, so I can come here and brain dump all those things and feel better. I'm sorry if it makes YOU want all the things!

1. Stem Bend Earrings.

2. Buffalo Check Pillow. (This will in no way clothe me. But it could temporarily abate my raging need to clad my whole house in buffalo check wallpaper, so that would be a good thing).

3. J.Crew Ava Ballet Flats. PSA, on super sale right now!

4. Michael Kors perfume. This stuff smells sooo good.

5. Vintage Factory Chair, because rabbit holing at Rejuvenation is dangerous, dangerous business.

6. & 9. Puffer Coat & Sorel Boots. Because it's. freaking. cold. here.

7. Julia Kostreva Planner.

8. Tulle Midi Skirt. Obviously there is no need in my life for this skirt. Except that I neeeeeeeeeeed it.

10. West Slope Faucet. As I've already mentioned, Rejuvenation is dangerous.

11. Swivel Chair. (My obsession with West Elm chairs continues).

12. RRL Blackwash Skinny Jean. Is anyone else soooooo tired of cheap jeans?! I'm over it. And since my kids are ALMOST past the age where I live on my knees cleaning up Duplo and changing diapers and being ridden like a dog (I must caveat "almost" since all of those things happened this week), I'd love to invest in jeans that won't have knee holes after 2 months. And that will, like, hold their shape and stuff. And since it's my wish list, I'm going to go ahead and add "legs like that model" to the round up. If anyone figures out how I can get those, let me know. (Please note I don't have time to exercise as I'm very busy being ridden like a dog).

13. Cashmere Beanie from Saks. Saw this in the store on a trip downtown, and now of course it's sold out in black. Oh sweet hat. Why didn't I buy you when I had the chance? Oh yeah, because you were two hundred dollars.

14. Cheetah Print D'Orsay Flats ...Actually they wouldn't have to be flats. They could be flats, loafers, pumps...whatever. Anything with cheetah print and a pointy toe.

15. Rodin Crema, because if you are a wannabe minimalist Instagrammer, you buy this. It's just what you do.

16. Finch Glasses in Bellini

17. A massive scarf...because did I mention it's cold?


  1. You make me smile! I did buy a couple of things after I did a major closet purge... I still have lots to get rid off but it was a good start. Speaking of Marie Kondo's book, I read that she just had a baby, and wondering how is the going to keep up with her immaculate organizing standards... mmm.
    I've had to let go of the idea of having a perfectly organized home while raising three kiddos. But I am definitely more organized these days ;)

    1. Hahaha! I hadn't heard that!! Oh man, she is in for it. Most of the friends I've had who were total organizing nuts pre-kids had to let it go once the toys began to invade in earnest. Luckily for me, I was never very "tidy" to start with so the kids didn't have much to ruin!! It is insane how much clutter they generate though, and I found it helpful when she said in the book to worry about yourself and not your family. That helped me notice how much I was needlessly hanging onto, instead of just blaming the insanity on the rest of my gang. I realized it's no wonder my kids hoard toys...I hoard glass jars! It feels good to be purging. And buying new things with more careful scrutiny. Happy New Year friend!


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