Monday, August 3, 2015

gimme dat chair

Am I allowed to write an entire blog post about one chair? Hopefully, because this is happening. The fall West Elm catalog came this weekend, and I haven't stopped thinking about the Metal Frame Chair since. Aaaand because I usually don't need things anymore after I blog about them, I am blogging about this one ASAP!

Seriously, the metal arms...the blush's so on-trend it's not even funny, and it looks waaaaay higher end than it's $800 price tag. [Sounds like a lot until you shop here for a minute].

It also comes in a dreamy teal, which I may have mentioned is on my brain lately, along with pretty much any shade of blue.

{All images via West Elm}

It's so pretty I could design an entire room around it. 

I'm loving the start of fall catalog season and all the fun mail days. Anything in the mailbox catching your eye so far??


  1. Hi Laura. You like this chair because it reminds you of Grandmama Kate's family room Danish modern chairs. They are artistic and sleek looking.

    1. It's so true! Those chairs were perfect. And yesterday Eva was telling me that we need wallpaper in every room of our house, and I got to say, "You have your Great Grandma Kate's style!" :) Anyone who can wallpaper the same room in three different blue patterns and pull it off is someone to emulate.

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