Monday, July 27, 2015

Woods or Waves?

Heh, I just realized that post title probably implies we are going to discuss vacation destinations. No. Today we are discussing something far more interesting and frankly, critical, than vacations: Wallpaper.

I know that in my last post about the powder room, I sounded exceptionally decisive about my Cole & Sons Woods wallpaper choice. And I was. The problem is, a week has passed. So, naturally I'm all like "Ooh, but maybe this one would be better..." again.

When I ordered the sample of Woods, so that I could lovingly tack it up and stare at it over the next few months with joyful expectation as the room is under construction, I also ordered- totally on a whim and because it was pretty even though I figured I'd never actually use it but samples are free so who cares- the "Great Wave" pattern.

Two things happened when these samples arrived. One, I adored the Great Wave paper. And two, my daughter insisted that I was NOT to use the Woods wallpaper in the bathroom. (I know it's only because she wants to get her claws on it for her own room...she's like that, and she's going through a Narnia phase).

Once I assured her I would NOT be purchasing that paper for her room at $200 a roll, young lady, and she gave me the stink eye one more time before sauntering off, it was too late. The mere suggestion from someone that I shouldn't use that paper in my powder room reopened the flood gates of indecision.

Now don't get me wrong. I equally adored the Woods paper. It is every bit as glorious in real life as I hoped it would be.

Even as a 12" rectangle, taped to a 2 x 4 in a wall-less room next to a cardboard cutout of a mirror and an empty electrical box, it STILL looks uh-mazing.

But there's just something about those waves! The dusty blue colors, the graphic repeat, the whimsy of it. The unexpectedness! My house has no whimsy. Or color. Or unexpectedness.

Clearly, the only thing to do was revisit my Canva elevation, and then call on the blogosphere for a vote.

I adjusted the scale of the Woods wallpaper now that I have the sample and can see how it will lay out more accurately on the wall, and I did a second graphic with the paper switched to Great Wave.

I don't know you guys. Am I really going to miss the opportunity to use a wallpaper that is so iconic and massively appealing it inspires 50-deep round-up post "Extravaganzas?" Am I really going to do something as permanent as wallpaper and choose blue?

Obviously I need you! What's your vote? Are you Team Woods or Team Wave? (I will send you t-shirts and 40-oz. cups emblazoned with your team name if you comment and vote. Not really). Maybe you're Team Option C. I'm listening...the flood gates of indecision are open again, right? So I'm all ears.

(The curious may enjoy seeing poll results from Instagram...)


  1. Decisions, decisions...the trees have a wonderfully neutral, classic feel...but the waves are so fun, bold, fresh - ultimately I'm Team Wave! Good luck whatever you decide.

  2. I really like them both but I do prefer the blues in the waves rather than the monochrome of the trees

  3. Woods! They are still whimsical! Plus I hate the waves as they looks very Asian....are you going for an Asian look? There is more whimsy in the woods! Just my two cents but it is your bathroom. I still vote for the floral!

  4. I know I already texted you this, but I had to publicly declare I am Team Woods all the way! I may be biased, because I have a similar dilemma. I have been crushing on the Hygge & West Daydream wallpaper FOREVER and want to put it up in my new studio. But, the naysayer in me says that I've seen it done in a million places and maybe I should branch out. But, like you said in your post, it is a classic that is on just about every wallpaper round up out there. So, for me, I've decided to chase my joy, the paper that makes my heart skip a beat every darn time I look at it, and not worry about if my studio ends up ready to pin on Pinterest. So, I say go get that wallpaper, girl, it is totally your wallpaper spirit animal!

  5. I love the woods one... but I've been craving color in my house lately so I might jump on the waves!

  6. I love the woods one... but I've been craving color in my house lately so I might jump on the waves!


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