Monday, June 22, 2015

family room refresh & caitlin wilson textiles giveaway!

Long time readers of this blog know how I've been unable to "finish" decorating my family room for, like, ever. I've been completely stuck and indecisive about it in general. It's a classic case of the shoemakers kids having no shoes. For other people, the ideas are endless. For my own house, it's not so easy. I just spend too much time here! 

I've also learned recently that I have major style ADD. In setting up our Laura Design Company Pinterest boards, my partner (also Laura) and I have been trying to create a resource that will be helpful for our clients in assessing their styles. These "Style Profile" boards range from classic to bohemian to everything in between, and in the process I realized that my style is bohemian and classic and everything in between. That's helpful to know, but also means I have a really hard time decorating for myself. I want everything to be a perfectly blended eclectic mix with tons of layer and interest, and I also want it to be completely simple and minimal. I want a whole wall of vintage prints and I want the same wall to be a giant expanse of empty white paint.

When Caitlin Wilson Textiles reached out to introduce me to their shop and ask if I'd like to host a giveaway, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to spend a little time dreaming about how I'd finish my family room once and for all. I'm always advising my clients to get the end-game in mind before they run around buying pieces willy nilly, so maybe I need to follow my own advice.

Caitlin Wilson's pillow and rug collections were all the inspiration I needed to get the gears turning about how I could create a family room that's casual and kid-friendly (a must!!) but still stylish and interesting. Their textiles have an edited, preppy and feminine feel that is just what I would be going for, and as a mom of three, designer Caitlin Wilson knows how to build a collection with family life in mind. 

Photo courtesy of Caitlin Wilson Textiles

The photo above was the jumping off point for my family room scheme. It combines so many different styles- boho in the rug, mid-century in the lines of the table, some found & foraged with the branches, some prep in the pillows, a classic sofa, and a tiny bit of glam with those gold accents. And even though it has all of those styles crammed in there somewhere, it's still edited and minimal. Just right.

So here's how I'd make that inspiration a reality in our own family room:

Pillows & Rug Caitlin Wilson Textiles // Sofa- IKEA // Coffee Table- West Elm // Side Table- Crate & Barrel // Eat, Drink, Nap Book // Art- Dwell Studio // Mid-Century Dresser- Chairish 

The pillows were definitely the jumping off point, and the rug in the bottom of our inspiration photo (though let's be honest, it's out of my price range) would pull everything together in the best way possible. But even without the rug, the pillows will give this room a great pop of color.

I decided on an IKEA sofa because it's the most kid-friendly option. I can imagine my boys perched on those wide arms to play Mario Kart and my daughter curled up in a nest of stuffed animals sketching 'till her heart's content, without me having to panic about the sofa getting destroyed.

The coffee table seems equally sturdy and kid-proof, and I'm excited about the idea of being able to actually wipe up spills (not possible with our current upholstered ottoman).

The side table is soooo beautiful, and the shape and finishes combine the mid-century and glam touches I'd like the room to have.

Eat, Drink, Nap because the cover says Eat, Drink, Nap. And it's pretty. (Thanks for the recommendation, Joanna).

The art from Dwell Studio is just gorgeous, and I love the deep purple, navy and lavender colors. They'd go great with the rug and pillows.

I personally think every room benefits from a vintage piece, so I would grab a dresser like that mid-century beauty to use as a TV console.

So, what do you think? What kind of house projects are you dreaming about these days??

My friends at Caitlin Wilson Textiles would like to get you started! They're giving away one pillow cover- any one of your choice!- from their collection to one lucky follower.

All you have to do is two steps: 1) Head over to Instagram and follow Caitlin Wilson Textiles, and then 2) Tag two friends on this post. Easy as pie.

One winner will be chosen at random to receive a pillow cover of their choice from Caitlin Wilson Textiles. You can enter up until 10 pm CST on Wednesday, June 24th, 2015. Good luck!

Disclosure: I am not receiving compensation for this post, but I was gifted product to review. As you can see, I styled them in my bedroom as my family room is too unworthy- for now! As always, all opinions are 100% my own and I only share companies with you that I would share with my best friends at our weekly playdate.


  1. What a fun source! I love all their fresh designs. And yes, design ADD- very familiar with that ;)

    1. Ahhhh my friend, design ADD is so bad sometimes, isn't it?!

  2. so pretty! i usually gravitate towards lighter colors, but these are beautiful!

    1. Oh man, me too. I usually lean so much more neutral than this. I have learned that I love color, and pretty much can't live with it! LOL! But I am always tempted to try...

  3. I totally know what you mean - I have no problem helping other people decorate, but when it comes to my own style, I'm just all over the place! I like too many elements of too many design styles. So good to know I'm not alone!

    1. Exactly! It's especially hard when we are looking around so much at what's out there for clients! Too much good stuff. :)


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