Wednesday, June 3, 2015

DIY summer school

Well hi there! Long time no talk!

It feels like it's been a lifetime since I wrote my last post. I didn't plan to ditch the blog after announcing my new interiors business, but it sure happened. The new client work (yay!), end-of-school-year rush, a mini-vacation to see my aunt, a crazy fun web project with my friend Travis, and working on our Laura Design Company website snowballed into an avalanche I couldn't blog my way out of, and poor Avery Street was buried! (p.s. I can't thank all of you enough for the huge outpouring of support and love surrounding the new business and the transition to being a working mom!)

This poor blog might have fallen forever into the dark abyss of the internet if not for a sweet gal named Beth from designPost Interiors. She had already asked me to be a part of her DIY Summer School before life spiraled out of control, and you should know this about me...I have a super hard time saying no. Especially when the words "IKEA hack" and "challenge" are thrown around. 

I honestly don't know what the future holds for this blog. It's been such an astounding journey, I'm not ready in my heart yet to say goodbye! But I also have a hard time justifying the time commitment of a regular blog schedule when there are so many other pressing obligations. For now, I've got a fun summer of posts planned, and we'll see what comes in the fall. I'll be doing this DIY series with Beth, a fun giveaway with Caitlin Wilson Textiles (!!!) and a peek into how I'm learning to organize my life and time with the help of a professional organizer! I hope you'll enjoy following along. 

Starting tomorrow, a group of bloggers and I are going to bring you two projects per month, all summer long, with some of our favorite DIY's and hacks. Every time there will be a different theme, and we're starting guessed it, "IKEA Hack."

DIY Summer School, brought to you by:

Kevin, Thou Swell
Laura, Avery Street Design

Featuring these DIY themes:

June 4th: IKEA Hack
June 18th: Thrifting
July 9th: Wildcard
July 23rd: Craft Store
August 6th: Hardware Store
August 20th: Found in Nature

Pretty cool huh? And if you want to join in, there will be a link-up for bloggers, and anyone can post to Instagram with the hashtag #DIYSummerSchool. I'll see you back here for the kick-off in the morning!

Here's to Summer!

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