Saturday, February 7, 2015

found & foraged link party no. 12 (my last!)

This is it! My last time hosting the Found & Foraged weekly link party. Sniff! The goal at the start was to get out there a little in the blogosphere, mix and mingle, and meet other bloggers. Mission accomplished! The overwhelming response to our little party will be one of those things I'll always treasure no matter where this blog ends up heading, and I've loved meeting ALL of you. Thank you for making this endeavor the success that it has been! 

Tonight I'm sharing the four features that Kyla, Grace and I have selected one last time as a group, before we turn this ship over to Kyla to captain on her own. As she said last week on her blog, I'll still be linking up over there and visiting you guys and being a cheerleader in this amazing Found & Foraged community. I just don't have the boundless energy that Kyla does to continue to be the hostess that ya'll deserve! 

And to further ensure that there are no tears tonight, NO worries about Instagram...#foundforaged will continue as always there. On to what we loved last week!

F E A T U R E S 

Before I go, I thought it would be fun to do my own little round up of some great blogs that I was introduced to over the course of this challenge and some favorite projects that they shared.

F O U N D ,  F O R A G E D  &  F R I E N D S

And oh boy. As soon as I wrote those words out loud, I realized this is an impossible task. So just know up front that this is an incomplete list! It's the tip of the iceberg of the genuinely great girls I've met through this party.

8 // annabode

I have loved getting to know you ladies! 

And since I'm getting all sentimental on you anyway, want to know one of my favorite Found & Foraged moments? If you closely read the text in this link-up, you'll notice a short but heartfelt plea for someone to make me these crepes for Christmas morning. Well, someone did read it, and she actually sent the crepes TO MY HOUSE on Christmas Eve, all wrapped up and ready for the next morning. I still can't even believe it. So, huge enormous never-will-I-get-over-how-awesome-that-was thanks go to Stephanie Hickox, dear friend, for that insane treat. I almost love that you actually read the post more than I loved the crepes themselves. Almost.

{Christmas morning breakfast, courtesy of Found & Foraged link partying and awesome friends} 

Well guys, that's it! Please do be sure to visit Grace and give her some hearts as she also wraps up her time hosting, and then head to Kyla's to cheer her on for the next round. For tonight, you can still add your link ups below, but they'll be solely judged by the House of Hipsters. And that's where you'll head next week to see features and keep the party going.  

Y O U R  L O V E L Y  H O S T E S S  


I'll meet you there.


  1. Thanks for not only featuring my Hallway Makeover but also saying my blog was one you loved finding! Thanks for all your encouragement and support! Sorry to see you go Laura! But we will have to catch up here on your blog instead! Love your profile photo BTW it is just beautiful!

    1. Hi Gilly, thank you so much!! Ellen Swalley of Red Sweater Photography caught the profile pic. So grateful for photographers who can make you look good!. :) And it's been SO great getting to know you and your beautiful blog. I've loved all the projects you shared and I'm glad it's not goodbye. Here's to new friends!! xo!

  2. Thank you so much for being a part of Found and Forged. I have thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with you. I wish you nothing but God's best. I'll just hop over to HOH now and continue to party. Thanks for the encouragement along the way. I'll continue to visit you.

    1. Thank you so much Elaine!! Thanks for your support and I look forward to staying in touch! xo!!

  3. Laura,
    You have such a sweet heart of encouragement. In reading your blog I've honestly learned more about my own blogging voice + desires. I look forward to following your life adventures if they creep out onto this lovely little corner of yours on the internet.God bless :)

    1. Karisa, that is such an amazing compliment- thank you. I am a huge fan of yours. Looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds for you too sweet one!! xo!

  4. Awe, thanks for including me in the round-up! I'm excited to check out a few of the others included as I've not been following all of them. I'm said to see you leave the link party, but excited to follow along on what happens next with the blog (and life in general). -Ashley

  5. We will certainly miss you and Grace (but not really since I seem to be back here quite often), but I know that link parties can take a lot of time! Good luck with your other endeavors! Also, I wanted to thank you for featuring my Oscar post a few weeks (a week?) ago. My computer crashed and I tried to thank you via smartphone, which was totally clumsy and may not have worked. Anyway, I appreciated that! Also, loving your IG series and all that I'm learning from these awesome photographers. Whew! Have a great week!


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