Thursday, February 19, 2015

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To my surprise, I actually had quite a bit of time on my recent trip to goof off on Pinterest and Instagram and read a few blogs. My dad was at the wheel of a 12-passenger van and it was just better for me to mentally check out than to acknowledge the fragility of life as he vacillated between careening wildly into on-ramps and break-slamming repeatedly in parking-lot-style traffic. (No offense Dad. Everyone knows I drive the same way). 

The list below started on said van ride with oh-so pretty and ended with a Need Supply Co. pinning binge. There are a few items here that I actually do need (ok, maybe not in leather), and it also represents one or two (or twelve) things that might be on my birthday list next month. 

1. Hi, I totally buy candles for the labels.

2. Project folders have been on my shopping list for weeks now, but I can't find any that I love and can live with looking at every day. The discovery of these won't help me or anyone else because they're sold out (and I think if I tried to pitch a $76 file folder to anyone who's ever met me, they'd send me to the loony bin). so...that's officially a blog fail, sorry. It's possible I just wanted you to feel my pain.

3. & 4. & 5. I will always be a sucker for pretty stuff made of paper. Also, can I please have one of everything from Julie Kostreva?

6. Now that I am solidly addicted to collection-worthy magazines, Cereal is next on my list to peek at.

7. My key ring is clutter central. The only thing I have for a adornment is a fat stack of those mini credit card things they give you at stores when you sign up for rewards. Why do I keep those? Every time I hand over the Panera one they say I have yet to register it online. Will I remember to do that when I'm not standing in line at Panera? No, I will not. This simple key ring by Maxx & Unicorn for Of a Kind would be just right to minimize all that clutter and make my keys styled-shot worthy. (Also available in brass at the namesake shop).

8. I've been listening to podcasts more and more recently and maybe this problem is unique to me, but ear buds are the worst! I have to loop it around my ear and it still falls out constantly. I can only listen if I sit perfectly straight and still. Not exactly how I clean the house. This pair of headphones would be a lovely upgrade.

9. By now it's obvious that copper is on the brain. In general, I'm pretty orange-averse, so I don't know how much staying power the copper trend can really have in my house. But you never know. For now it seems like a safe bet to stay with little things and these mini planters are perfect.

10. White bedding. That matches. On a king-size bed. Ok, so this whole bedroom situation could be a blog post on its own. {Update: It is now a blog post on it's own.} The entire room is a nightmare. We've done nothing to it since moving in (mainly because I'm an all-or-nothing kind of girl when it comes to doing a room), even to the point that I am still rocking the previous owners' burgundy mini blinds. Yellow walls. Stuff like that. It's not the kind of thing I'm at liberty to gut and start over on (though you know slathering every surface with wood planks would make me soooo happy), but I can start with the bed. Currently, my sheets are completely mismatched. (In all my pretty pictures like this and this I'm hiding my pillow cases with shams and my sheets with quilts). I may or may not at this moment be using my daughter's pink princess pillow case. I need a real bedding set. And because one of the great joys of motherhood has been letting my kids snuggle in my bed, it would really be nice if that bedding could go on a bigger bed. {Breaking news: Ryan totally just told me he's getting me a king-size mattress & bedding for my birthday!! Woohoo!}

11. The discovery of this banner is another long and boring rabbit hole story, and sadly it too is sold out. But it led me to such a cute shop with a myriad of other choices that it had to make the round-up anyway. And there's always hope it'll come back! Fingers crossed.

12. Marble and wood cutting boards. This is a runaway train of obsession that's carrying a toxic chemical heap so high it will decimate an entire town upon impact if we can't stop it. 1 million tons of steel. 100,000 lives at stake. 100 minutes to impact. (It's possible that's a movie plot).

Have you visited this week's Found & Foraged at House of Hipsters yet? I'm sharing this wish list (figure the more eyes see it, the better chance I have of it all magically showing up at my door, right?) & partying over there...join me!


  1. Yay! New bedding and a new bed. Fancy pants. So excited for you. And, of course, I love everything on this list. Shocker.

    1. Yay! I think he's finally at his breaking point from all the little feet that kick him through the night. :) And yesterday I found out that H&M sells bedding...(since you tipped me off to their home section!) and it's cute & affordable. I'd like to know how it feels...

  2. OK!!!!! Gosh I've been trying to comment to this and its like the Blog Gods are doing everything they can to prevent me, so I will comment little by little leaving a long stream of comments. Sorry, but it has come to this.

    1. YOUR dad!!! and YOU! So funny!
      1. hahahahaha that honesty! That simple, humorous, won't-take-life-too-seriously-honesty, that is what keeps me coming back for more! Well that and everything else about you. I'm obsessed.

    2. 7. Panera has legit rewards, you go register yourself right now. do it, go.
      8. PODCASTS!!! I was sick this past week and while laying on what felt like my death bed, I wanted something to listen to, and did not want to put on a cooking show or anything because I wanted to keep my eyes closed. I was about to go for music, but then I remembered that my sister was listening to podcasts all winter break! at first I was annoyed but then I started listening with her and freak, that serial podcast! that filled me up in all my nerdy law and justice places! so I got myself into the podcast world and fell in love with Life of the Law! so much law and justice stuff I die! also Moth! you must know moth, i love that one too, but it's hard to find more, do you struggle with that??

    3. 2. and 11. I found this really awesome kettle through one of the businesses that I follow on IG and it was sold out! but then I emailed them and asked if they were going to re-stock it, and they said yes!!! so maybe you need to do that, or maybe not because those folders are dumb expensive and that sign-----> (maybe you can make one yourself ;) shhhhh)

      Unrelated last bit to add-- read your interview on Little Farm Media, and I actually really think that a few IG posts of yours would be great if they pointed us to your blog, simply because I forget to read blogs, I'm just always on instagram! It's funny, my Political Science Professors are all like, do none of you read the news every morning?? I eat that stuff up with my coffee, it's so good! and I'm over here like, ....I'm on instagram in the morning, and also all day....Then I realized that their news habits matched my Instagram habits, but instead of refreshing the feed for an hour, I can go to some blogs with my coffee and get a good dose of pretty. SO i moved my Blog lovin' app right up next to my instagram app, hoping to get on that every morning now. all of that to say, yes, refer to your blog! I will actually appreciate it because it will pry me away from IG some! thanks for helping me build better habits! love ya, bye!

    4. Jocelyne!!! You CRACK me up!!! You definitely win the prize for best blog comments (maybe ever)! Hahaha I am totally going to have to steal "dumb expensive" for regular rotation in my vocabulary. And thanks for that encouragement about Instagram posting- grrr...I will try to do a better job of keeping my insta babes in the loop. Lol! Oh and podcasts...yes. When Ryan and I were watching Breaking Bad I started listening to the Andy Greenwald podcast (The Hollywood Prospectus I think it's called) rabidly every week and that was my first one. Then Kyla tipped me off to "After the Jump" by Grace Bonney, which is awesome. I have an hour in the car every day so it fills the time perfectly (and I get to tune out the Lego Movie, double bonus). Thanks again for your awesome comments- you made my day! xoxo!! :)

  3. I'm a hugh fan of SOL headphones and I have refused to get others when a store was out of them. I will have to check these out.


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