Tuesday, January 27, 2015

alt summit in pictures

oh you guys! i'm back from alt summit and had the most amazing time. by now you know me well enough to know that sometimes, post-event, my brain just can't recover quickly enough to write a proper post. sometimes i have to let the pictures do the talking. this is definitely one of those times. but as you'll see, alt was incredible! beautiful, inspiring, helpful, and oh. my. goodness. that. hotel. i felt like a princess or a celebrity or something. it was awesome.

and now...my pictures from alt. all 6,072 of them. (sorry about the load speed, travis).

 reading trouve at the airport
 entertaining myself with bathroom selfies while waiting for a delayed flight

finally up in the air!

 lobby of the grand america hotel

the hotel bakery. so fancy!

mirror selfie day one

 opening keynote by lisa congdon

 every sponsor had a decked out conference room at the hotel. west elm hosted a styling challenge.

photo backdrop in the sherwin williams lounge

air bnb created a really cool spot to hang out

 the famed alt business card wall (there's mine at the top near the "a" on the yellow circle!)

the business cards there were a paper nerd's dream

valentine crafts at the minted booth

bridgewater candles made the place smell awesome

the hotel courtyard at night

time to get pretty in our marble bathroom

downton abbey party!

literally no good pictures of me in my party outfit exist, so i had to take an elevator selfie to make good on my promises to you. you are welcome.

laughing with my roomie grace from the big reveal blog

that dress tho! grace was a stunner.

sunrise view from our balcony on day two

room service coffee and breakfast in bed in the wee hours of the morning. 

8:30 am hair "fluff" at the freshly picked lounge

 day 2 conference look

see how official i am with my badge? i definitely felt like i was impersonating a grown-up for large portions of this trip. laura casey calls that a #fraudulentadult.

hotel courtyard at day break

 dance party and panel with jessie artigue and hilary rushford

 keynote lunch & prettiness

the super-awesome cyndie spiegel caught this pic of me in the overstock lounge

 flowers flowers everywhere

 another corner of the overstock lounge

it's party time again! here's how my rach parcell-inspired outfit came together

 the hive mini party

 with kim of design life kids (left) and andrea of legal miss sunshine (right) at their cactus mini party

 photobooth fun with kyla of house of hipsters (left) and grace of the big reveal (middle) 

 craziness with kyla (bottom) and alex evjen of ave styles (top) at the lindt chocolate party

 backdrop at the watercolor mini party

 balloons and chandeliers at a marching band-themed mini party

 the bubble bath bash

backdrop at the "pop alt" mini party

was that enough pictures? i promise i tried to edit! it was a great time and i've probably never lived the glamorous life quite like that before. and that's just the first half of my trip! from there i was off to speak at a women's retreat for a church in san diego. but that's a post for another day. for now, i'm home and loving snuggling my hubby and my babies. and finally getting some sleep!


  1. The post and pictures are great. I feel like a got a glimpse of the conference. Thank you for showing courage and appreciation.

  2. Whaaaaa?!? It looks surreal! I'm not sure I could be that pretty for that many days.

  3. You take beautiful pictures that perfectly captured this event! It looks like you had a wonderful time and lots of memories were made!

  4. Great pictures, Laura! totally felt like I was there!! Also, your scarf and glasses, are you kidding me?? You are so CUTE!!!

  5. Oh, and I must say you're my new favorite blog to stalk, Laura! If I'm being honest, I'm pretty into House of Hipsters too.:) So much inspiration from you ladies (careers, spouses, children, blogs, sanity…) and I love, love, love your style and pics. So much swagger. Looking forward to more of your posts...

  6. Oops, just realized my original post about ALT may not have posted. I swear I'm not too crazy.:) Loved your ALT pics; simply stunning. Glad you had such a fantastic trip and looked cute to boot!

  7. This was so much fun to reminisce! These photos are sooooo good!

  8. OH my goodness this looks SO fun! I'm a new blogger and I'm hoping to attend a blogger conference next year. Now I definitely need to go!

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