Saturday, January 31, 2015

found & foraged link party: penultimate episode

hello, happy saturday, and welcome to found & foraged! if you haven't been here before, hi! found & foraged is a weekly design challenge that i've been hosting with my buddies kyla and grace that gives us an opportunity to meet and celebrate other bloggers and creatives in our community. 

this will be the second to last time that grace and i will be hosting! (no panic, kyla is going to carry the mantle and continue to host what i like to think of as "round two" so you'll still have a chance to keep showing off what you got). we are SO glad you're here! 

this link-up has been great fun and i have met so many new bloggers and made awesome connections through it. it's been a privilege to be able to share your talented projects with a new audience, and i thank you for letting me do that. so, since this week will be my final time judging features, let's see 'em! i can't wait to see what the last round holds...if i know you guys by now, your A game is ready. next week i'll feature favorites from what you share below, and i'll also have a little round-up of some of the best new (to me) blogs i've found through this party. i can't wait!

(oh, and again, no panicking. all three of us will continue to host our hashtag challenge on instagram and regram our favorites on saturdays. tag any of your pictures #foundforaged to be featured!) 

ok, ready to party one more time!?

F O L L O W  U S   A T

THE BIG REVEAL blog | facebook | instagram | pinterest | twitter | bloglovin

AVERY STREET DESIGN blog | instagram | pinterest | twitter | bloglovin

HOUSE OF HIPSTERS blog | facebook | instagram | pinterest | twitter | bloglovin


dude, i am jumping up and down over this one. isn't it incredible?! and you HAVE to go see her post to peek at the original piece. the transformation is so rad.

admittedly, this DIY is more ryan's skill level than mine, but i can't even believe how cute this bottle holder is. i am so going to pass along this tutorial to my current clients who are going for a cottage-industrial look in their living room & kitchen. this would be perfect.

isn't this space the sweetest?! heather's post will show you the "before" of this dreamy attic space, and you'll be amazed at the transformation. warning: the previous wall color might make your eyes bleed. it's akin to a color my good friend holly once painted her bathroom. what looked like the perfect inky navy on a small paint chip was, in reality, a cobalt so bright that all my friend travis could exclaim upon seeing it was, "hot crap that's blue!!!"

from that moment on, any such blue has been dubbed "hot crap that's blue" in our circle of friends. i'm not sure why benjamin moore didn't return our phone calls when we pitched the concept for their new spring paint line.

this one was really interesting. you can see how aimee took a plain jane wood table and gave it a total makeover with white paint and concrete. in a million years, i never would have thought such a thing was possible.

by now you're aware of kyla's, grace's and my weakness for cocktail styling, which is kind of odd given the fact that the three of us really don't drink much! at alt i hopped in line for a salted caramel martini (i saw the words salted and caramel and didn't even think beyond that) and had to ditch that thing after three glorious sips. woo! even though i am a total wuss when it comes to libations, i can't help but love gazing at a perfectly styled cocktail. and those mugs tho. i'd order a drink just for one of those.

L A U R A ' S  P I C K S

i think this project organizer project would be great in my son's room, and it has so many versatile applications. you could really make it your own in a lot of different ways. love it, shonee!

and hey, can i just go on a tangent for a second? this party IS all about you guys and not what i'm doing, but i have written two posts recently that may be of particular interest to bloggers, and i thought since the majority of visitors to this party are bloggers, you all might find them helpful. 

first, for anyone thinking of going to the altitude summit blogging conference, here is a round-up of my pictures from the trip that will give you a good idea of what you're getting into. i'd highly recommend the conference. 

second, for my fellow instagram nerds, i wrote a post about hashtag challenges that you might find helpful. these are a great way to make connections on instagram. if you have some of your own or that you love to use, let's help each other out! please share them with everyone in the comments.

that post is actually kicking off a series i'll be writing the first half of this year with more tips and help on how you can have a great instagram feed and grow your reach there. i've put in a huge amount of time on instagram and was honored to be named by instagram to their suggested user list. i'm excited to organize my tips and share my knowledge with you guys about this community that's dear to my heart. you can sign up for my email list on the right sidebar to make sure you don't miss those!

alright blog friends, it's your turn! link up using the blue button below. it is a treat to see what you are working on & thank you for sharing it at found & foraged. i'll see you back here next week for my last time hosting and then i'll commit you into kyla's capable hands after that. i have loved getting to know you! 

{be sure to stop by house of hipsters and the big reveal to see what they're featuring this week, and don't forget to find me on instagram for more #foundforaged fun. see you there!}

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