Monday, October 13, 2014

design for the world

i never win anything. seriously. if it's a matter of chance, it's not landing on me. chance doesn't know laura irion's name. i would never gamble. i really shouldn't even be in the room when ryan plays fantasy football.

so imagine my absolute surprise when i actually did win an instagram giveaway, hosted by sarah lin of ellie funday. i would have been thrilled to receive a piece of gum just so i could say i'd won it. but what i actually got was so amazing, i just have to share.

the first thing i opened was this organic baby blanket called the "goddess swaddle." i previously thought that aden + anais made the best baby blankets...i was wrong. this is it. soooo good. it's generously sized, buttery soft, and perfectly weighty without being heavy. i loved it, and immediately regretted the promised i'd made to give it to my new mama friend. (kidding!)

after being floored by this product, i did some more looking at ellie funday's shop, and am so touched by their heart for marginalized women. these blankets are hand-stitched by women in india whose families are under-resourced and in danger of crisis.

"We work with partner organizations that employ marginalized women in India specifically helping them become self-sustaining. Our hope is to provide a fair wage, relevant job training and a dignified living for many who are susceptible to human trafficking.
More often than not, our partners go above and beyond just a fair-wage. They provide crisis-counseling, education, and housing for their women. Poverty alleviation is a holistic effort."
{see more hereherehere...}

i wish i could say i shopped more with companies who have the kind of commitment and passion they do for fair trade, fair wages, and helping empower those who are powerless. i often feel helpless toward the plight of suffering women across the world, and i'm convicted that if i'd just be a little more careful with my purchases, i could buy products that really matter and really make a difference. which brings me to the second item in my lovely package...

inside this clutch by raven + lily was a card, personalized with the story of the woman who made it. it was so humbling to read about ferdoz, whose husband left her because she had five daughters for him, and no sons. with no money and no education (she could not read or write), she did not know how she would provide for herself and her children. crafting these goods has restored her livelihood.

raven + lily, like ellie funday, has a passion for empowering women, and the things they sell are beautiful, quality, unique items that i would be proud to own, to gift, and to support. read more about their mission here and see the incredibly gorgeous goods these artisans are making here.

thank you sarah & ellie funday for this wonderful gift and for all that you and your partners are doing to change the blankie at a time.


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    1. thank you my dear....i'm thinking i'll most likely win the lottery now, so lake cabin here we come....


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