Friday, October 31, 2014

best of the magazines // october 2014

i'm falling way behind on this column...the november magazines have been on shelves for a couple weeks now, and i'm only just posting october! oh well, as they say...better late than never... (i say this every month, don't i?) well, think of it as my halloween gift to you.

as you know my relationship with the magazines hit a little rocky patch last month, but this time my enthusiasm is back. eye candy yo!! let's get started.

from elle decor, october 2014, "fashion hits home" issue:

from house & home, october 2014, "fresh fall looks" issue:

ok, so i know the watermark says veranda, but in fairness i first spotted the image in the "style files" of this month's house & home...plugging the book simplicity by nancy braithwaite (which looks beautiful). house & home's website didn't have any pictures that i can find, so i guess the magazines can share the credit. see the rest of the (amazing) house tour here.

from dwell, october 2014, "modern dreams" issue:

living room from the home of furniture designer gesa hansen. get in my house, all of you, like right now. i adore this room. 

exterior of the home of mark degraaf and sanne wisman near amsterdam.

backyard space like a dream (that fireplace! those logs! the pool!) from the home of andrew and amy weinstein in the hamptons.

an outdoor sauna from a swedish guest house. i want to go to there.

and finally, this house...maybe not visually striking at first, but in this setting, i'd be happy with a one room hovel as long as it was made of glass:

it's the home of ryan & mary finley on the coast of oregon, and i simply can't imagine waking up to these views every day.

porch. yowza. 

oh dwell, you perfect little magazine. you really made my heart go pitter patter this month (again). thanks for that!

from country living, october 2014, "fun & easy ideas for fall" issue:

first of all, i had been looking forward to seeing this profile of makers phillip and jackie wachter of fount leather. i got to meet them at renegade craft fair this year and they were just the sweetest.

next up, oh my gosh. this kitchen. it's CL's october kitchen of the month, from the home of victoria pearson, and it is perfection:

side note: it was styled by heather bullard, whose blog i stumbled upon as i was gathering these photos, and she is unequivocally my new design crush. you can see more photos of the kitchen and her behind-the-scenes commentary here.

this kitchen, from the home of joan osofsky, caught my eye too:

finally, let's vote on this room (heck, the whole house, why not) by brian patrick flynn. i can't decide if i love it, or if i'm still just stuck in mountain-top-man-cave mode, but i think i have developed a serious crush on all things buffalo check. and all the better in black & white. what do you think?

i just have to admit to myself that in general i'm a sucker for plaid flannel. mix it with gold and sleek lines and ...yeah, you got me. so i wouldn't call this house my "style" but there's something great about it. and i'm loving that he's got the same mantle i do and he makes it look chic. there's hope!


  1. Love this feature. I have always had an unhealthy obsession with magazines. I've finally learned to just accept it. This is a great way to see if I want to invest in the current issue or not. Thanks Laura!

  2. I'm so glad you featured Fount Leather. That bag is on my Santa list! I've been in love with it since the day we met them!


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