Monday, July 28, 2014

currently craving

well, sometimes it happens. you stumble back to a favorite website that you swore you wouldn't look at anymore, because their stuff is so pretty it kinda makes your head want to explode. i didn't want to go there. i blame ryan. he stayed on the rejuvination email list (why?! why would you torture yourself like that?), and found a ceiling fan he really liked through it. naturally the second he started into his first sentence about it i was already typing the web address into my phone. that's when this fan's center plate lit up and sucked my eyeballs out with its tractor beam as it chanted "buy me."

the good news is, i said no. the bad news is, one thing led to another online and my christmas list doubled in a span of two hours. here are the new additions:

some swanky desk accessories, because i still have office on the brain:

~ a pretty desk lamp, like this rejuvination lynwood double beauty
~ some pink roses, like these from one kings lane
~ a must-nab-now collaboration: j.crew + sugar paper notecards
~ the rifle notepad that fine stationery emailed me about...growly noise
~ i need these cocktail matches thanks to this girl
~ the concrete coasters and vases i literally can't stop obsessing over

some colorful additions just for fun:

~ grace bonney's design bible, currently on my desk from the library 
~ any print (seriously. any. print.) by emily jeffords 
~ more rifle cravings, this time in journal & notebook form
~ a #dsnicerug-worthy rug 

some much-needed household (& wardrobe) staples:

~ my dining chairs are shot (fabric was a bad idea); molded plastic and wood bistro models will fit my current tastes and our yogurt-flinging lifestyle a little better
~ another piece of eye candy from rejuvination, a copper & glass schoolhouse fixture
~ another perfect madewell tote, which became a necessity after reading this post
~ a cheesy, old-school, completely fake tropical plant, stuffed in a lovely basket
~ and the tower of air-circulating goodness that started it all

does this kind of mental shopping spree happen to anyone else? don't leave me hanging!


  1. This happens all. the. time. I finally had to unsubscribe from Rejuvenation's email list, because I couldn't take the heartache anymore. Why must I love beautiful, expensive things? (Oh, the injustice in the world:)) Oh, and thanks for reminding me about that Madewell tote. I had tried to forgive it after Kyla brought it up, but now I kinda blame you when I have to have it;)

  2. bahahahahaha, that madewell tote...i see it in your futures m'ladies! =P

    and omg, STOP IT WITH THIS LISTS OF SHOPPING! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!! geez! i'm going to go broker then i already am! the self control can no longer be contained...THAT LAMP! and white? you can't do that to me...unfair!

    seriously, i think i clicked on every link, thinking to myself, "yes please, please, yes please" is it christmas yet?

  3. gaawww...and now i own peonies in a vase because of you

    1. LOL love need to get a picture of that up for me!

  4. kyla & grace, all i can say is...misery loves company i guess!! moooaaaahhhaaahahaaa.


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