Monday, March 17, 2014

shopping for...wellies

we finally had that day here in chicago that comes in early march; the 50-degree teaser that makes everyone get outside, walk the dog, and think spring is imminent. that day is always (test me on this, it's true) followed by 2-10 inches of snow. and this is when my wellies make their debut. because everything is pure slosh outside and wearing snow boots for one more moment is just too depressing.

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for reasons i can't explain, i totally geek out about this genre of footwear. thus, and since the weather is appropriately soggy, i am posting an homage to the wellington. (wait, did wikipedia just lose a little credibility for anyone else?)

my favorite vulcanized shin-high flexi pumps, who have been waiting patiently in my closet since christmas (thanks mom!), are from joules, who arguably makes the best rain boots on the planet.

just look at the beauties they have to offer:

  yellow bows on the back? these make me want to jump up and down. evedon bow welly in black.

cute little dogs? yes please. and these gumbies have a smart yellow stripe up the back. brown dog welly print rain boots.

where joules is lesser-known, at least in the states, hunter is the quintessential authority on billy-boots. they seem to have cornered the market on the classic, but keep us wanting more with every candy color in the rainbow. my current favorites:

i can't stand it. these are too good. original colorblock rain boots in clementine/ white.

i love unexpected details, like the hot pink peeking out at the top of these original back adjustable rain boots in navy/ lipstick,

of course one will never go wrong with the original tall rain boot in black. seriously, i can't believe i don't own these.

lastly, this brand is new to me, but reviewers sing their praises and i am smitten with the tiny yellow tassle at the top. aigle miss juliette a in black

there are countless scores more of alaskan sneakers out there that i could post, but i'm stopping at my very very favorites. hopefully you'll be inspired to don a pair and welcome the puddles with me. yay spring!

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