Thursday, April 23, 2015

one room challenge // bedroom week 4

YOUGUYSYOUGUYSYOUGUYSYOUGUYS!!! The lights worked!! Last week I was bemoaning how Ryan couldn't drill through the metal sockets of our bedside pendants. He needed to drill them in order to attach rings I decided to add as an afterthought. Well, I still have no idea how he did it (maybe he pressed harder or something) but he was able to make the holes and therefore make the lights!!

And I am soooo excited about them...they're stunning! Oh that wonderful Ryan, I knew he could do it.

Ready to see???

They're so pretty!!! I feel like they're this great blend of so many styles. A bit industrial, modern, glamorous, and minimal. A bit retro. I am so super happy.

Last week a few of you were so sweet to comment and leave a link to a tutorial showing how to make some just like this. Unfortunately we had already gone way too far down the path to use that tutorial, but I will share it in case anyone else wants to make lights like this, so as to save you from the headaches we endured!

Check out Vintage Revivals DIY Wood & Brass Hoop Lights.

Her version looks much easier than what we did. Just goes to show that one should consult the blogosphere first! Ours are so jerry-rigged I doubt I could explain how we did it if I tried. (There are some photos below that will give you the general idea).

And now we've turned that corner where I don't want to show you any more of the room, because it's starting to come together and I don't want to ruin the ending! But then I'm too excited about it to not share. So here's how it's lookin':

In other good news, my bed came! Happy surprise! It was so random. The ship date still says mid-May, but one box showed up yesterday...

And another today! (Thank goodness because I was a little perplexed as to how a whole king-size bed had fit in that first skinny box...)

We have yet to open it beyond just a peek, but I can tell you the fabric looks perfect!! It's a soft grey and a beautiful linen. Just right. YES.

Here are some behind the scenes of our work over the past week. Spray painting pendant hoops and drapery brackets:

Drilling hoop holes in the sockets:

Threading the hoop:


Shoving the ring back through:

Spray painting curtain rods:

Utterly trashing our kitchen (but who cares because we have lights!!):

Things are definitely looking up from where we were last week. I think this is our list of what's left:

- Last coat of paint on the window
- Nail extra wood to the top of the window & paint it so the drapery rod can be hung
- Hang the rod & drapes
- Find a second nightstand
- Build bed (including replacing the legs and hanging the headboard on the wall, if possible, instead of using the cheap-looking metal bars it is supposed to stand on)
- Style & shoot!

Nothing to it right? Two weeks to go...

I'm off to Linda's to check on everyone else's progress! This challenge has been so fun and I'm so grateful she created it!


  1. That bed head looks soooooo good! Kinda jealous right now! So happy you have your lights! Waiting on pins and needles to see the big reveal!

    1. Thanks so much Gilly! Yes, so far from what I can see of the headboard, it looks to be excellent construction and I'm very excited to get it put together. I will definitely share how that gamble turns out!

  2. Loooooooove those lights!! Well done and thanks for sharing the tutorial!!...and I'm loving the current simplicity in your bedroom!

    1. Thank you June!! It has a wonderful calm feeling to it so I know we're on the right track. Part 2 of the challenge will be keeping it clean when it's all finished, ha!

  3. So much awesomeness!!! The lights are fantastic - kudos to your hubby! That bed is going to be gorgeous, too. Good work!

  4. Oh my freaking goodness! Those lights are everything!! I would buy some off of you!! Maybe a new business venture for you and your husband!?? Seriously beautiful Laura! Gah I'm getting so excited for this room!!

  5. I love our everything is coming together! I can't wait to see your new bed, that headboard is amazing!

  6. Wow, those lights are sooo good!! And that headboard!! Can't wait to see it all together, eeee!

  7. Congrats on finishing the lights! And that bed looks like it's going to be amazing! I can't wait to see the full reveal in a couple weeks!

  8. Happy that you found a way for the lights. They look great!

  9. I'm super happy with that gorgeous lighting too!!!!! Can't wait for your reveal, this room will look fabulous!

  10. I'm super happy with that gorgeous lighting too!!!!! Can't wait for your reveal, this room will look fabulous!

  11. So glad you got the lights to work for you. And score that the bed showed up... not in mid-May.

  12. Yay on surprise early bed arrivals - soooo much better than the other way around! Love the lights and can't wait to see the bed with the lights! :)


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