Monday, March 2, 2015

comparison shopping

Hey, guess what? I worked on my bedroom this weekend! Turns out, there's nothing like public shame and humiliation to inspire a gal to make some changes. The good news is, every last nook, cranny, and drawer has been totally cleaned out, purged, and organized. The bad news is, it's still hideous! I've decided all the piles of miscellaneous junk might have actually been a good thing, as they at least distracted me from noticing the existing furniture and architectural details (read: there are no architectural details) of a seriously sad bedroom. 

In a perfect world, I'd let this thing snowball like the Michelin Man rolling down a ski hill, but that's not in the budget. I'd obviously love new baseboards and trim. A door on my bathroom would be lovely. New windows would be a wise investment. The carpet...oh it's so bad. But I swore I wouldn't even think about new carpet anywhere until the last of my kids was potty trained (in progress, woohoo!), and in any case, my husband's handy-man dance card is full

So we are going to try (gulp) to just do the bare minimum. Paint the walls, buy a bigger bed (this has moved beyond wish to downright necessity as the number of kids and dog in our bed every morning continues to multiply), and some new curtains. If I can squeeze some new nightstands and lighting out of the deal I will. It won't be grandiose, but the room at least deserves a start. We haven't touched a thing in the three (four! as of February! what?!) years since we moved in. 

If you've peeked at my master bedroom board on Pinterest, you won't be surprised to know I'd like to keep this room neutral (ok, white) and minimal. I did a little shopping around this evening to get the ball rolling, and here's what's caught my eye so far...

BEDDING | Parachute | H&M

NIGHTSTANDS | Room & Board | Target

I've read some other bedroom woes rumbling across the blogosphere in the last couple weeks (like here and here), and I LOVED all the encouraging comments on my last post. It's so great to know I'm not alone- thank you for that! If you all have sources or tips for interesting and low cost options, I am ALL ears. Especially for the nightstand search...those babies are hard! So far I haven't found myself loving anything I've come across. And after the excessive amount of vacuuming I just did, a simple floating shelf is looking better every minute. So I'd love to know what sources you guys have up your sleeves!


  1. My suggestion is go SLOW. Get the bed and linen and live with that. Use make shift night stands of different heights and see what you like. And get the mini blind down ANYTIME!

    1. Hahaha, thank you Aunt Dee- I know, no one is more excited to see that blind come down than me!! And you are totally right...we are going to do the minimum, and I know I'm going to be amazed at how good JUST that feels compared to where we are now. Thanks and stay tuned!

  2. My suggestion is to look at IKEA for those white curtains- way cheaper there! I got linen ones for my living room for $40.00! Almost all the curtains in my home are IKEA. Then, when you are sick of them or they get dingy, out they go with no remorse!

  3. I actually got the curtains for the townhome at IKEA. They were awesome. And you're going to hate me, but Parachute is where I got the bedding for the master bedroom makeover. It's amazing and completely worth the money.


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