Thursday, October 15, 2015

One Room Challenge // Exterior Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda of Calling It Home! I'm excited to share the plans I have to update the exterior of our house on a strict budget of $5,000.

I've been trying to narrow down my "style" lately- which may be an exercise in futility for someone in my profession. (You mock, but see how easy it is for YOU to narrow down...)! They are ALL my style. For my own home, I am realizing I lean somewhere in the Minimalist/ Modern Farmhouse realm. 

As much as I would like tin roofing, an infinity pool and a horse stable on the property, let's just say it ain't that kind of neighborhood (and I ain't got that kind of money)! Especially on an exterior project, you have to choose updates that are in keeping with the surrounding homes (or at least within reach of them, if you want the neighbors to follow suit).

Here is what the house looks like today:

My goal is to choose updates that are at once modern and classic, with a nod to the farmhouse style that I love.

Main Goals:

  • Garage Door
  • Front Door/ Door Handles
  • Shutters
  • Lights
  • House Numbers
  • Doorbell
Secondary Wish List:
  • Planter Boxes
  • Shrubs Under Window
  • New Screens
Not Happening This Time But Needs To Happen:
  • Mailbox & Post
  • Seal Driveway
  • Plant Beds
  • Mulch
Here is my rendering of "the plan" if all those things can be accomplished:

As for where we are currently:

  • We have researched & ordered a garage door and front door. The garage door should be going in this week (yay!) now that we've found a new installer (good riddance). The front door won't arrive until Oct. 30th, after which we'll need to coordinate installation and painting. That makes me a tad nervous as it will be tight for our 11/12 deadline! I'll go into more detail on these purchases in the next couple weeks. 
  • I have NO idea where to get inexpensive planter boxes- those lovelies in the mood board are almost $600 each. So yeah, no. Any suggestions? I keep stalking Home Goods. We found this tutorial but aren't sure if we have time to make our own, and the thickness of the wood seems suspect. I'm afraid they'll be warped by Spring thanks to our harsh Chicago weather.
  • I know which hydrangeas I'd love to have for the front window, and we'll wait and see if there is room in the budget for them once the major purchases are complete. I know I'll have to get moving on this though, since the ground will be getting very COLD very soon. 
  • And get this! I happened to look up in the rafters of our basement this week (a scary place I don't usually look), and I saw a whole roll of window screening left by the previous owners! It even has instructions on the package for how to hang it. 

Anyone need a hockey stick?

All in all, I think we're in really good shape. In case you missed it, you can catch up on Week 1's exterior tour here.

Also, be sure to stop by Linda's here and see what all the other participants are up to. (And prepare to get lost for a while!)

See you guys next week!


  1. It's going to look great! Amazon has some pretty great tall planters. I'd check there. Also, drywall resurfacing for that size driveway is definitely a doable DIY. It's easier than you think!

    1. Thanks Ashley! I found a modern style on Amazon that I really liked. And we do have some room left in the budget so the driveway might happen afterall- you are right, it is cheaper than I thought! It would definitely be a shame to finally have a nice garage door and then let the driveway fall apart. :)

  2. This is going to look A-MAZING! And no, I don't need a hockey stick...thanks for offering though. Tee-hee! I seriously can't wait to see how it all shakes out!

  3. the paint, garage door, lights - everything!

  4. I love this project! Our house is begging for an exterior makeover but it's so daunting. Looking forward to folling along for some inspiration!

  5. Check out Gardener's Supply for planters. Their Fairfield Square Planter may be a good alternative and at $126 each, they're waaay cheaper. You could probably wash one down with a thin milk paint for a similar chalky look without too much effort. Good luck!

  6. Wow! I love your plans! This seems SO daunting to me. Especially with only 5 weeks! I will definitely be watching to see your progress!


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